writing someone for the first timeYou should include:

a) Your name, your age, the city where you live and a brief description of your family.

b) You should also include some information about your likes and dislikes, your favorite colour, singer, music, your hobbies etc…

Listen to your teacher talking about you and read the text below.

About Me

My name is Linda and my age is 49. Is year old. my birthday is on 7 April, then I’ll be 50 next april!!!

I live in Boston with my husband and daughter. My husband’s name is Peter and he is 47 years old. My daughter’s name is Madison and she is 15 years old. I am a teacher at Western High School and my daughter attends this school. She is in 10th standard and she is a very good student.

I’m not a very sporty person, but I do gymnastics and pilates and I go to dance once a week because I love dancing! I also like to read and go out with my friends. My favorite color is blue and my favorite singer is Sting. I love all his songs.

This is me!!

Now read this lesson from Linda’s daughter

About Me

My name is Madison and I am 15 years old. My birthday is on February 7, so I will be 16 next February!!!

I live in Boston with my parents. I have no brother or sister. I’m an only child. My father’s name is Peter and he is 47 years old. My mother’s name is Linda and she is 49 years old. he is a Teacher at Western High School, I go to the same school. I am 10 years old. I don’t mind school, but I hate doing homework!

I am a very sporty person, I do gymnastics and I go swimming twice a week. I also like to dance. In my spare time I like to go out with my friends and I really like going to the cinema. I love music too. I can play guitar and piano. My favorite singers are Danny Martin, Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars.

This is me!!

Consider your reader!!!! When we write we want our readers to enjoy what we want to tell them. It is important to help them read to present our text fluently, clearly and clearly. To do this, here are some tips!

  • match your sentences with connectors Like “and” or “but”. (see model above)

  • look at yourself Full Stop and your spelling,
  • Sort all your ideas into small topics (personal details, likes, hobbies, etc…)
  • Write each topic in clearly separated paragraphs (At a simple glance you can separate the four paragraphs in the model above)
  • Be neat and watch your handwriting.

Starting and ending an informal email to a friend.

to start Your email or letter uses the following expressions:
Dear Mary, / Dear friend, / Dear pen friend,

pay attention: we use One a little break After names,

To finish Your letter includes:
1- Nice sentence:

I’m looking forward to hearing from you
I hope to hear from you soon.

2- Expression of Friendship:

kind regards,


XXOO (kiss and hug)

3- Your name or signature:

pablo / david / louisa