WordPress VS Blogger – Why Choose Blogger For Blogging

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In This Post I will Show You About Blogger And WordPress.

WordPress Vs Blogger Which Is Best And Why Should You Blogger For Blogging.

Also We Cover Some Advantages and disadvantages Of Blogger And WordPress.

If You Decided to start Your Blog You Should have to choose best Blogging platform that suitable for you.

WordPress and Blogger are the two most well known contributing to a blog stages on the web. The two of them let you make a blog without any problem. In any case, they work in an unexpected way, and each has explicit upsides and downsides.

WordPress and Blogger are the two most well known CMS on the web. The two of them let you make a blog without any problem. In any case, they work in an unexpected way, and each has explicit upsides and downsides.

WordPress Vs Blogger – Which Is Most Popular

WordPress Is Best No. 1 CMS that Used By Top 1 Million Sites With 95% sites.
And , Blogger Only Contains 1% sites.
Means WordPress Is Most Popular Compared to Blogger.

What is WordPress

WordPress is free open source CMS that permits you to effectively make a site, blog, or an online store. Begun In 2003, WordPress presently controls over 38% of all sites on the web.
To make a blog in WordPress, you should purchase a Custom Domain name and Hosting.

What is Blogger

Blogger is a free publishing platform to blog administration from Google. Begun in 1999 by Pyra Labs, it was procured by Google in 2003.
Blogger is a free Blogging platform that allows you to make a blog without paying anything.
You can start Your Free Blog on Blogger By Sub Domain that is blogspot.com
Also You Can Use Custom Domain on Your Blog .

Detailed Differences Between WordPress And Blogger (WordPress Vs Blogger)

S.No. Comparison WordPress Blogger
1 Started Year 2003 2003
2 Ownership Own Google
3 Popularity Most Popular Not Much Popular
4 Control Easy Very Limitations
5 Design very easy need some coding skills
6 Security Fair Best Powerful Because It’s Google Product
7 Support High limited Support
8 Future All Going To WordPress Also Some Blogspot Blogger Go To WordPress After Some Time. Can Use For Starting Blogging career.
9 Price Open Source But Needed Hosting And Domain Absolutely Free
10 Portability Easily Can Move Blog to other platforms it’s difficult to move to other platforms
11 SEO Optimization Need To Use Plugins. SEO is very high optimized.
12 Plugins Can We Use Plugging In WordPress Blogger Not Supported Plugins.

Why Blogger Is Better Than WordPress

1. Security

You get high security for your Blogger Blog because it’s Google product it’s security really high.

2. Absolutely Free

It’s completely free platform so anyone can start blogging here.

3. No limitations on Visitors

When we use hosting services it’s highly chances that blog can shut down when get high traffic.
But , it’s not with blogger Blog’s because it’s managed by Google.

4. Free SSL Certificate For Custom Domains

You get free SSL certificate for your custom domain in blogger.
Means you can enable HTTPS in blog without any cost.

5. High SEO

It’s Free Platform But SEO is Highly Optimized Compared to other platforms Without any plugins.

Why Blogger SEO is Better Than Any Free Platform

Custom Permalink Structure:

By default, blogger providesconstructive permalinks. In spite of all this, blogger also offers a robust option to choose custom URL (permalink) for your posts. You can choose select few keywords and can use them in your URLs so that it can generate decent organic traffic from search engines. However, keep in mind stuffing your permalinks with many keywords would decrease the weightage of your keywords altogether. The more keywords you will add in the permalinks, the less will be the keyword weight and hence, its relevancy would be lower in the search results.
Wordpress VS Blogger - Why Choose Blogger For Blogging

3 style=”background-color: white; color: #666666; font-family: "Trebuchet MS", Trebuchet, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 15.84px; margin: 0px; position: relative; text-align: left;”>Separate Meta Description for Posts:

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When you are searching anything on Google, you always see a piece of text line just beneath the search results. Those lines are there to help you to determine whether that’s the site which you were looking for. If you would not specify a Meta description, search engines will automatically establish a description for you based on your site’s content. Fortunately, there is a handy tool in blogger located at Settings >> Search engine Preference which enables you to specify separate Meta descriptions for your site’s content.
Wordpress VS Blogger - Why Choose Blogger For Blogging

Custom Redirects Functionality:

What would you do, if you want to move your content from one URL to another? You would prefer to use a 301 Permanent redirect so that all the PageRank juice transfers from one page to another. Without pointing a redirect, there is no way you can recover the loss. Blogger also has custom redirect functionality which helps you in redirecting URLs to any page. This tool can be accessed through Settings >> Search engine Preference >> Custom Redirects.
Wordpress VS Blogger - Why Choose Blogger For Blogging

Customizable Not Found Page:

Blogger often creates acustom 404 not found pageto provide some sorts of comic relief to their readers, and protects them from seeing unfriendly or unentertaining error messages. If you have a broken link on your blog, or a reader navigated to a link which was temporary down then the custom 404 not found page would assist them in finding the content which they were looking for. You can customize your error page from Settings >> Search Preference >> Custom Page Not Found.
Conclusion :
In This Post I Covered Almost Everything About WordPress And Blogger.
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