WordPress.com Vs Blogger Vs WordPress.org – Which Is Better ?

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Some people want to know which is better WordPress or blogger, but the truth is they are different products designed with different objectives in mind. So it is very difficult to compare them as they exist in completely different markets.

WordPress Vs Blogger Which Is Better CMS ?

There is no doubt that blogger is one of the best blog sites out there on the internet and gives you a professional appearance, even if you don’t have any experience at all with web design – perfect for starters, punters and small businesses who want to create a professional looking site without having to spend time learning design skills of web development techniques.

Although not as flexible as WordPress – you can do a lot of different things with it, though is is limited in scope.

WordPress is also great because there is an abundance of plugins available that will help you accomplish whatever your objective is with the website business, including design elements like galleries, contact us forms, as well as other features such as e-commerce capabilities to sell products online.

The ability to create a professional appearance makes WordPress better than any other blogging platform on the internet today.

Given the above is there a general perception or well known difference between WordPress Vs blogger? The honest answer is probably not – even if some people would like to think there is!

However, I have heard from my clients at work that someone once told them they should be using WordPress rather than blogger. Factually this may be true but there is very little difference between WordPress and blogger, is it is a matter of personal choice because the choice is yours to make.

A lot of people think they are completely different products but both can be used for blogs or websites – whatever is your goal is going to determine which you should use.

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I have personally used WordPress and blogger for myself as well as my clients several times and I don’t really see any major differences in these two products except that one is free while the other is paid for (unless you want something more advanced than either).

So is is it really necessary to compare WordPress and blogger? The answer is probably not because they are very similar CMS.

What to Look for in Your Blog Platform?

Ease of Use: You need a simple platform for fast building your blog, adding content and growing your readership. Blogging becomes a cakewalk because it is easy to install, run, manage content etc since WordPress is developed using PHP and MySQL technology.

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On the other hand blogspot uses Java Scripts which is little complex for those people who is not much experienced.

Monetization options: Everyone Monetize blog using various sources it’s depend on Blog Niche And The Blog Owner. If you want to monetize blog you need to choose platform that come with many options.

Better Security: Make sure that you will be secure from hackers.

Free themes : There is no need to spend a single penny on making your blog look good as there is thousands of free themes available and many are premium too which can be used after buying them.

Updates: When it comes to WordPress you need to update your blog manually but with blogger you need not worry about updates of plugins and themes, all will get updated automatically without your intervention. .

Hosting: You can start your free blog with no cost at all when you start up your blog with blogger and wordpress.com platform. On the other hand WordPress.org is not free software and is priced at 29$/year for personal users that is really too much expensive if a person is not making any revenue from his blog.

Overview: WordPress vs Blogger

What Is WordPress.com ?

WordPress.com is a self-publishing platform that is popular for blogging and other publications. The company is owned and run by Automattic, Inc.

This web-site offers registered users free blog hosting and is funded through paid upgrades and “VIP” publicity services. WordPress is purely a software platform or should I say content management system (CMS).

If we talk about its features then here are some features included in it:

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1. Creation of blog with different themes and plugins .

Templates for WordPress are created by external third party developers while others are built in by default. You can choose from various templates available online. And if any of the free themes is not sufficient, then you can always buy premium or customized templates from third party developers.

Furthermore, plugins are developed by 3rd parties to add functionality and features in it like photo galleries, discussion board etc.

2. It is completely customizable

You can modify almost everything from look of your blog to the widgets that appear on every page. It is SEO friendly which means that your blog is easily search engine optimized and is highly visible in search engines like Google , Yahoo etc.

This is one of the main reasons why WordPress is widely used by bloggers all over the world.

3. In addition to this it also comes with its own dashboard for easy management of files along with other options like creating new posts/pages, adding new pages to blog etc.

4. Furthermore, you can install various widgets like social bookmarking widgets for sharing content on Facebook, Digg , StumbleUpon etc.

5. It is free to use . Some premium themes are available which is paid but if we talk about core features then everything is free of cost. Even installation and usage is free of cost.

What Is Blogger ?

Blogger is a blog publishing website which is owned by Google. It is the most preferred blogging site and is considered as one of the best free blogging sites available online where you can create your own blog within minutes without any technical knowledge required at all.
Here are some features and benefits of blogger over WordPress blogs :

1.easy to use

Blogger is a web platform which is most preferred by bloggers because it is easy to use for newbies or users who don’t have much experience in creating blogs online . If we compare with wordpress then blogger is similar to user friendly version of wordpress.
You can easily customize themes, templates etc. without using any coding knowledge at all. It is not very hard to create a blog in blogger.

2. Furthermore, everything is done through dashboard

This is especially helpful when you have multiple blogs and want to manage everything from one place. You can easily edit/update posts, change images etc. in your post via dashboard which is available on top of every page where bloggers login to perform different actions like adding new post, updating older posts etc.

3. Blogger has templates designed by its official developers

If you are an advanced user then you can also buy premium templates created by third party developers to add more functionality in it.

4. It is completely free to use

Blogs created using blogger platform is 100% free of cost and is easy to start blogging from scratch. Installation is very simple as compared to wordpress which requires knowledge about coding . You can just signup at blogger and your account will be activated within minutes.
After that you can easily create a new post or page by clicking on “create” option given on dashboard of every blog.

Comparison : WordPress Vs Blogger Which Is Better

WordPress And Blogger Both Has Pros And Cons Below Table Will Show you the major different to understand what CMS is best for you.it is important to note that the two platforms are designed for different purposes.
In this article we’ll compare how exactly they fulfill these purposes.
Feature Blogger WorePress.com WordPress.org
Easy-to-use 6 8 10
Ownership 6 4.5 10
Hosting Free Free Need To Buy Hosting
Domain Free Blogspot.com Free WorePress.com Need To Buy Domain
Customization and design 6 6 9
Security 9 8.5 7.5
Support 4.5 6 9
Updates & Future 4.5 7 9
Portability 5 7 8
Ease Of Making Money 7 6 9
Pricing Free Free Paid ( Open Source Software )
Coding Skill Required Maybe No
Both Blogger and WordPress are great blogging platforms with good features and services which can help you grow your blog into a successful business venture. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution then go with Blogger , it has everything to take care of your website.
However, if you are a pro blogger who is looking for more options to build and customize their website then WordPress is the way to go .
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