Why You Have a High Moz Spam Score (And Does It Matter?)

Why is my spam score so high? Many users have this question in mind, but not many people can give an answer.

Why You Have a High Moz Spam Score (And Does It Matter?) Moz community discusses about what could possibly cause their website to be mistakenly rated as spam by search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The following are some likely scenarios:

1.) Your blog has poor quality content that doesn’t add any value to the reader and appears suspiciously written for the sole purpose of manipulating search engines.

2.) The website has hacked pages that trigger alarms within Google’s algorithm. This will result to an automatic flagging of your entire site as spam, which requires manual verification to clear.

3.) Your affiliate links (which are usually allowed) are not properly formatted and the spam filter is reacting accordingly.

4.) You have violated any of Google’s webmaster guidelines, which could include cloaking or scraping content from other sources without proper attribution.

5.) You have hidden text or links in unnatural ways so they won’t be detected by search engines like how the no-follow attribute does it.

Using this method for spamming might work on some websites but there are also others that consider this tactic as one too shady to be ignored.

6.) Your website is simply viewed as a blog site which is classified as generating spam content, because most of the time these types of websites don’t provide any good advice to its readers and only exists for gaining more traffic from search engines.

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Here are some ways to possibly fix your high spam score:

1) You can take down all those pages that Google tagged as spam and focus on creating useful articles again.

2) Uncheck the “I’m not a robot” box when signing up for an account such as MailChimp or Google Adsense so it will be easier for you to connect your email or monetize your website.

3) If you have affiliate products then try to integrate them into the content of your site to have a better chance of being seen as an authority since you are providing valuable advice.

4) Keep your website clean from any hidden links or text so the spam filter won’t be triggered again.

5) You can check Google’s list of cloaking examples and avoid doing what they are saying “not to do” for avoiding future penalties…etc.

6) If your site is being flagged as blog spam, then try making it into a resource site that has more information than blog posts.

For example, this Moz tutorial was originally created as a blog post but later converted into an article due to Yahoo’s change in their guidelines where single page sites should no longer be used for link building purposes.

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Lastly, don’t forget to check other factors that could be affecting your website’s SEO.

For example, Moz should really consider if their spam reports are based on factors that will actually affect rankings or it is just a false alarm triggered by other factors such as poor quality content…etc.

Now for some of you who say “how can I get rid of my spam score?” well this is the only thing you can do… work towards building more high-quality content while avoiding anything else that might harm your ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

There may also be an increase in spammers trying to gain a higher search engine ranking through link building practices.

This is strongly suggested as a possible reason for the spam filter as well as an increase in Google Penguin algorithm updates, where real-time spam filtering efforts are being used to combat those who have been trying to manipulate their rankings with less than ethical methods.

Although there is no definite timeframe that can be followed when receiving a high spam score from Moz Pro’s automated system, these scores can vary from anywhere between 1 and 10 depending on how badly the website has been affected by the issues mentioned above.

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It is also important to note that although these spam scores remain unconfirmed unless Moz Pro’s systems detect a genuine problem with the website, it is still possible for spammers and those who abuse search engine optimization (SEO) to generate false positives towards websites which do not deserve such negative attention.

This issue has already been discussed in other areas including open webmaster forums where people sometimes suggest using backlinks as well as social signals as a way to combat Moz filters.

The use of such tactics will not improve rankings or create positive benefits for businesses as Google Penguin algorithm updates can pick up on such abuse and penalize the website accordingly.

When Moz Pro’s spam score system flags a website, it is done so because there may be something wrong with the content of the site which affects how Google and Yahoo look at the site.

For example, if you have too many links in your footer or sidebar in comparison to text which could help users navigate through the website, then Moz will flag these pages for having too many links pointing back to themselves.

Therefore, when you receive a spam score from Moz Pro it does not necessarily mean that your website will get banned or filtered by Google or Yahoo but instead that there are factors being taken into consideration that are likely to have an impact on rankings in search engines.

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It is also important to note that while Moz Pro may flag a website, Google and Yahoo will do so within their own ranking systems which might affect how users can access the website in question.

Bottom Line :

Lastly, some people have suggested creating a new page with your main keyword and having many links pointing back to this new page instead of trying to add more links on older pages which has been considered as good SEO practice for years.

Besides, if you focus on creating great content then you should be fine provided that such content is not actually spam itself.

These are all examples of what you should try doing if your site gets flagged by Moz.

I hope everyone who reads this article would spread it around so more people can understand what Moz Pro spam score is all about. Thank you!

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