Why SEO Is Not Same For Every Blogger

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Yes, why? Why SEO is not same for every blogger. Don’t you think it is the same?

It should be the same! Well, let me tell you why there are some bloggers who are using SEO and they don’t get any profit from their blog.

Why SEO Is Not Same For Every Blogger

Every search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex etc provide equal opportunities to all for free of cost.

Except Yahoo that provides better opportunity to big companies; all other search engines prefer equality for everyone.

So what does this mean? It means that you can send one link via anchor text (keyword) two times to different pages of your blog through two separate posts and you shouldn’t worry about getting penalized because no matter how many times you use an anchor text or for how many pages you use it, Google will not penalize you as long as you are following their guidelines.

Why SEO is different for every blogger

What you’re going to read here is a post that I’ve prepared for a long time, and also a post that comes from a lot of experience.

This is not your regular marketing article where you want people to do something or take an action.

This is about why I think one should start from the ground up when it comes to affairs regarding blogging and search engine optimization (SEO) .

And if anyone has been reading my blog, they will understand the motif behind this article very well.

In this three part series, I am going to discuss some things on how bloggers can improve their SEO game without spending too much time or resources, but by just changing certain aspects of their blogs accordingly.

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While step one is about the importance of keywords, the importance of content remains paramount. Without great contents, blogging will never be easier and also SEO won’t work as expected.

Keyword Research – The Key to Search Engine Optimization

While I am not an avid user of Google Adwords but this tool does give some great insight for bloggers on choosing their blog post’s keywords.

Because of Google’s auto suggest feature, they can be very helpful in determining your next blog post’s title.

Try typing some of your important keywords here As mentioned earilrlier, I am not an expert on SEO (No One Expert) hence this post will just contain my personal thoughts on certain aspects of blogging to improve one’s SEO game.


since I don’t want you guys reading too much into this article (which is what I will usually do if someone writes a long blog post), so the rest of the article will only focus on why content is still king!

Content – The King of Blogging Even though

SEO is one of the most important concepts for any blogger to consider, but by no means does it overshadow the importance of content.

Content has always been and will continue to be the king when it comes to blogging.

No matter how great your keywords or SEO strategy is, without good contents, you won’t get far as a food blogger (or even an ordinary blogger). Google algorithm works like this: “If I am looking for informative information on ‘pressure cookers’, then show me blogs that have informative contents related to pressure cookers”.

So basically what we want you guys who are hunting for good contents online, think about the problem that you’re trying to solve and google it.

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So if I was trying to find a solution for the question: ” How to improve blog’s SEO “, then I will probably google and look for contents related to ‘blog SEO’.


While you’re at it, don’t forget the first result As you can see SERP, there are tons of articles or blog posts that gives great insight on how one can improve their blogs SEO.

Also as you can see , most of them concentrate on keywords and also building backlinks! But does having backlinks really improved your website’s search engine rankings?

According to Google: No. So then what other things should we consider apart from optimizing our HTML tags, adjusting our page load speeds and building backlinks?

How much time should you spend on improving your SEO game?

One of the aspects that people usually neglect and yet it is one of the most important things to consider: Building resources and authority!

As a blogger, we need to build both our blog’s immunity or resistance against Google standards.

When I say immunity, I actually mean building resources which will help you avoid any penalty (if such thing exist) from Google in future.

And by resources, I meant asking questions related to blogging like this:

This doesn’t look too spammy right? definitely not! While that might sound crazy for some bloggers, but if you want your blog to be taken seriously and also remain, I’ve prepared this post for a long time.

So when I was working on my keywords, it turned out to be something like “best blogging tips” or something similar . But in the process of refining my idea, I noticed that the keyword phrase “keywords research for bloggers” is very much in demand, but not many blogs are talking about this topic.

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So just in case you’re still wondering why you need to build resources and authority, let me tell you that having both will not only improve your search engine rankings, but also increase your website’s page rank!

According to SEO experts from Moz, pageRank (which is one of Google’s ranking factors) was said to be more useful than backlinks:

They say it like its no big deal! Well while there are many other things involved when ranking a website high on google;

trust flow and domain authority also play an important role.

But having a high page rank is also a huge advantage because it tells us that the website’s authority is high and they might have great contents to offer.

What about business blogs?

Business blogs are usually judged by their backlinks (I’m not saying that blog posts can’t or won’t be judged by other factors like trust flow, domain authority etc).

According to them, if you’re running a blogging site which gets most of its profit from advertisements, then your main aim should be getting as many backlinks as possible!

But before you go begging people for links, I’d recommend checking their DA (domain authority) first!

If they don’t have a high DA, I’d tell you to search for other options.

There are many ways to build authority and resource! I personally use Quora alot because it’s the only platform where experts love answering questions, regardless of how big or small they are .

So if you want to be seen as an expert on blogging by Google, then start asking questions about blogging on Quora!

Also uploading images with your content will also help increase your website’s page rank.

Bottom Line :

Why some bloggers don’t get any benefit from SEO.

Because they just do not follow those guidelines and think it is free so no one can tell them anything.

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They try to overdo everything and over optimize their blog pages and posts with different keywords which demotivates readers and also search engines consider such blogs spammy.

So if you want to be on top of the pile, always keep in mind these few things:

1) Do not use same keyword more than three times per page/post/article.

2) Use natural language whenever possible.

3) Make sure your keywords have a meaning for reader so that they can easily read your blogs and come back.

4) Use as many keywords as you want as long as it is not over optimized

5) Lastly, enjoy blogging knowing that search engine will take care of all other things.

You just have to keep updating content every week at least two post per week or even more if possible and then use SEO in right way. Why?

Because this is the only way you can retain one reader that how much ever he/she engages with your blog, either by commenting; sharing; liking; tweeting or doing anything else.

It takes time because no one can guarantee success overnight but it is certainly worth trying

So what now? So after reading all that, now you know how important SEO is for blog owners. While there are many types of businesses who invest thousands of dollars into SEO, that doesn’t mean that you should do the same!

I strongly believe that by following this simple formula for your blog; it will be easier to rank higher on Google AND save thousands of dollars every month.

So why don’t YOU start building resources and authority?

Finally, if you still can’t find anything interesting to write about for your blog; be sure to check out our list of best free article spinner tools !

I hope I’ve answered your question in this post! For more questions or concerns, feel free to ask me anything by leaving a comment below 🙂

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