Why Is Blogging So Popular? ( Impressive Reasons That Shock You )

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Blogging is a free way to get an independent website or web page online.

This post explains why blogging is so popular, offers tips for beginners and professionals, and points to other useful resources such as instructions on writing blog software.
The popularity of blogging has reached massive scale around the world in the beginning of 21st century.
According to Wikipedia statistics :
There are currently over 600 million blogs worldwide with every half decoy one new blog creates.
Compare that with only 2 million blogs active in 2001!

Why Is Blogging So Popular? ( Impressive Reasons That Shock You )
If you would be one among those trying out this new phenomenon, you might wonder what makes it so successful?
Here is my take on the subject:

  1. blogging platform (simple blogging tool which allows anybody to quickly set up their own blog, for free) .
  2. Blogs are written in any language, and the number of blogs published in English is only about half of all blogs.
  3. You can easily spot a blog from its homepage: it usually contains a list of recent posts with brief summaries and links to the full content.
  4. In contrast, most other sites have static pages that display only one item at a time.
  5. The word ‘blog’ comes from the combination of two words: web and log1).
  6. A blog is basically an online journal or diary where you express your thoughts on anything in real time2).
  7. Every entry within consists of text, photos or videos; sometimes multiples of these.
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Why has blogging become so popular?

For some people, its an enjoyable way to meet new people.

Others enjoy the creative outlet that comes with writing about their lives, interests or ideas.

Most of us are simply driven by a love of technology itself!

The simple answer is that there’s something for everyone – but let’s take a look at some more detailed reasons why blogging is on the rise:

1) Bloggers are passionate learners

Itis one thing to watch TV and be entertained for two hours…but imagine being able to have your very own expert right there ready to answer any question you have related to the subject matter!

This is what bloggers offer their readership every time they write a new blog post, and larger audiences are drawn to the more knowledgeable members of society. …


who like learning about new subjects gravitate towards bloggers.

2) Bloggers are social

The Internet is now a primary source of human interaction – people who want to connect with others naturally turn online first.

Two types of blogger personalities tend to emerge: those that build communities through their blog posts (and often produce very popular blog sites)…and those that live for Twitter and Tumblr updates!

Social media users relate to active individuals, not passive TV-watchers…so enthusiasm fuels success in this arena.

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3) Bloggers are comfortable with technology

If you’re reading this on an electronic device right now, you’re probably part of the Internet generation.

Although some people like to complain about how cell phones and computers are ruining our lives, those devices have also provided us with valuable resources that we’ve come to depend on.

For bloggers, this is a very valuable asset: they understand technology and know how to use it to their advantage!

4) Bloggers make money

When you read the phrase “blogger income”, what do you think of? Do you see dollar signs…or computer screens filled with writers typing away for days at a time?

I’m sure the latter is more common than the former – but blogging does provide an opportunity for some people to earn some cash if they pursue it full-time.

This is very exciting for many people who are looking to achieve financial independence and blogging can be a way of achieving that.

Blogging offers benefits to the writer, the readers and even society at large: so why not give it a try?

As with any other media or format for expression, blogging can be used in various ways.

It is often categorized into two broad areas: personal and professional/business one.

In the age of information, people everywhere are turning to blogging as a way to communicate with each other.

What may have seemed like a fad in 2005 has exploded into one of the Internet’s most popular outlets for communication and entertainment.

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But why is blogging so popular?

There are several reasons that this form of communication has taken off so dramatically.

Unlike other forms of media, where a third party interprets what a writer might mean, a blogger can simply write out their feelings and thoughts word-for-word, allowing their audience to know exactly how they feel on any given topic at any given time.

Although controversial topics such as politics or religion should be avoided by novice bloggers due to the risk of backlash from those who disagree with the blogger’s stance, there are still plenty of topics to blog about.

Bloggers can focus on almost any topic they want, be it sports, politics, world issues, science-fiction novels or even the misadventures of their pet cat.

A blogger can post as many times as he or she wants and can remain completely anonymous if desired.

As a form of self-expression blogging is an outlet for people to speak out and share their thoughts with those who actively read blogs.

In this sense blogging becomes a hobby much like discussing current events with friends over coffee but instead one can reach thousands or even millions of people by publishing their opinions online through a blog platform such as WordPress or Blogger.com .

The fact that anyone can start a blog about any topic they want is the main reason why blogging has taken off recently.

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For example, if somebody wanted to write about their own experiences with an illness or medical condition they could create a blog devoted to this one topic and share it with the world for others who may be experiencing similar issues.

There are numerous benefits to blogging including having an active form of self-expression, finding inspiration in other bloggers stories and posts, networking with like-minded individuals with the same interests as oneself and learning something new from one’s audience when engaging in comments section conversations.

This brings us back to why blogging is progressing into the mainstream media amongst younger generations.

Blogging allows for young people especially those in high school or college to form their own opinions about current events.

Because this form of media is fairly new there are very few preconceived notions surrounding it unlike print or televised news broadcasting.

Bloggers have the chance to express their opinions, which are much more trustworthy coming from someone directly involved rather than a supposed “expert” who may not have any personal stake in the topic at hand.

So what does all this mean for the future?
Blogging has reached its peak and will only continue to develop into something more widely accepted as time goes on.
Wherever there are people with an opinion blogging will be sure to follow, whether that means writing posts online, curating posts by selecting certain articles for one’s blog or even uploading YouTube videos based on a given topic.
blogging is here to stay and there is little anybody can do to stop it.

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