Why Blog Names Are Important

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When you are thinking of starting up your very own travel blog, it is imperative that you come up with unique travel blog names.

You must highlight the topic of your travel blog in a creative way that will give visitors a reason to come back and read your blog.

This in turn will ensure that you get many loyal readers who visit your blog regularly.

So how do you come up with unique travel blog names? Well, here are a few ideas:

*The name of your travel blog must highlight the travel aspect of your blog and not just any other aspect such as the reviews.

The idea is that the travel bloggers should be talking about what they did in their recent travels instead of just telling readers about their latest escapade.

This will make the blog seem more fun and entertaining for readers to read and trust. It will also give them a reason to recommend it to others by recommending and voting on useful travel blogs.

* Choose one or two travel blogs that have had good reviews and make them your travel blog names. Everyone loves some good reviews.

However, you must also find a way to make your blog interesting and fun so that it attracts the reader to want to see what the authors will write about in their upcoming travels.

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If you have written a travel blog before, you can use the same names as you create a new travel blog.

Otherwise, you must come up with new travel blog names.

* Blogs that have social media presence are more vulnerable to being called names. When you create a travel blog, you must highlight the social media presence of your blog through social icons, footer graphics, etc.

You can also ask your social media friends to blog about your travel blog.

This is a great idea if you are using social media because you can monitor the responses from your fans.

You can check out what they think about your travel blog ideas and find out if the name of your blog has been taken!

* For social media users, you must highlight the wildlife travelling aspect of your travel blogs.

You can use animal-shaped icons as your icons and include ‘#hashtag: wildlife travelling’. Your blog name must have a reference to social media so that people can share your blog on all their social profiles.


‘#hashtag: wildlife travelling’ and see what happens!

* You can also use a travel blog name when you create a giveaway blog. The name of your giveaway blog should be something that describes the content on your blog.

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A travel blog name makes it easier for people to remember your blog and also helps other visitors to get to your blog easily!

* Don’t be afraid of using your blog name in email signature files.

You may also find that you are invited back to blog posts and to exchange links with other bloggers.

If you use your blog name as your signature file, you are making your blog very easy for other bloggers to find! Your email signature can be a great place for people to find your travel blog and you could get guest posts from other travel bloggers with the same or similar blog.

To recap, you need to be careful about the name of your blog. It’s best to choose a name based on what you do and the theme of your blog.

Keep your blog names short and specific. You can also have fun with your blog names and try keyword experiments to see which blog names generate the most traffic.

Once you’ve chosen your blog name, use it on all of your online marketing and sales materials to help you get noticed online!

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