Who is the god of free fire? god of free fire players list

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If you want to know who is the god of free fire? So, you are at right place.

Today we will discuss about Top 5 God Players of Free Fire.

We will discuss his gameplay, his great gaming skills, and also we will see his total gameplay, total kills, average.

Headshot rate and much more.

As we all know that Garena Free Fire is the most famous game all over the world.

recently, garena free Total downloads have crossed over 1 billion, and Garena has also launched its improved version known as Free Fire Max.

Garena Free Fire Max is very similar to the normal Garena Free Fire.

However, Free Fire Max has great HD graphics, while the usual Garena Free Fire does not.

Due to both the versions, the game has achieved its success very fast.

This fantastic battle royale game is developed by renowned gaming company 111 Dots Studio, and the publisher of this game is Garena.

Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max are available for both iOS and Android users.

Moreover, you can play Garena’s Free Fire game on your PC.

Free Fire’s Top 5 God Players

Here is the list of top 5 god players of Garena Free Fire:

1.OP Vincenzo

OP Vincenzo god of free fire

OP Vincenzo Gameplay
Free Fire is the first player on our list OP Vincenzo, OP Vincenzo is one of the most accomplished Free Fire players.

OP Vincenzo consistently ranks first when it comes to Garena Free Fire’s God players.

Due to his incredible skills, he is known as the God Player of Free Fire.

OP Vincenzo has his own youtube channel known as VINCENZO.

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On his channel, he has uploaded around 437 videos and has 6.6 million subscribers.

He started his YouTube journey on July 8, 2018.

OP Vincenzo lives in the Middle East country known as Egypt.

OP VINCENZO’s Free Fire ID number is 437144862 and his username is OP VINCENZO.

Vincenzo had played around 20,680 and won 3472 squad matches.

He has an average winning percentage of 16.78%, and a K/D ratio of 4.27.

He played 1717 DUO matches and won 298 games with an average win ratio of 8.94% and a K/D ratio of 3.54.

One hundred fifty-two singles matches were also played by Vincenzo and won 103 games and made an average win percentage of 8.94.


K/D ratio for singles matches is 2.73.

2.TG FozzyAjay

TG FojiAjay

tg fojijay free fire account
The second payer on our list is TG Fojay, TG Fojyajay’s real name is Ajay Sharma.

Ajay is one of the best free fire players in India.

Also, TG FOZYAJAY belongs to the most famous guild known as TG MAFIA.

He has great gaming skills and has won many free fire tournaments in esports.

Because of his abilities and accomplishment, he is known as the God Player of Free Fire.

Ajay Sharma has his own YouTube channel known as TG FOZYAJAY.

He started his YouTube career on January 17, 2016.

Now his subscriber count is around 542k, and the total views on his channel are more than 3.6 million.

Ajay had uploaded a total of 176 videos on his YouTube channel.

Ajay’s Free Fire UID number is 29777293 and the username is that of TG Fojay.

He played 21611 matches of squad game and won 7650.

Ajay’s squad games have an average win rate of 35.39%, and his squad matches have a K/D ratio of 4.24.

Ajay also played DUO matches around 1368 and won 266, and his K/D ratio in DUO is 2.61.

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The total singles matches he has played are 892 and he has won 104, and his K/D ratio in singles is 1.90.

3.Sultan Proslow

sultan proslow

sultan proslow free fire account
The third player on our list is Sultan Proslo.

Sultan Proslo’s real name is Dieland Maximus Zidane.

He is also known as the God Player of Garena Free Fire due to his superb gaming skills.

SULTAN PROSLO has a youtube channel known as Dyland.

Sultan Proslow lives in Indonesia.

He started his YouTube channel on 28 January 2015.

Recently they crossed over 15.2 million subscribers.

Due to his superb gaming skills, he started uploading his gameplay to YouTube.

He had uploaded more than one thousand five hundred videos on his channel.

SULTAN PROSLO’s Free Fire UID number is 16207002, and its username is SULTAN.INDO! Is.

Sultan has played more than 831 squad matches and won 290 matches.

Its K/D ratio is 3.85.

In addition, he played around 101 games and won 27 games while maintaining a K/D ratio of 3.2.

His total singles matches are 557, and he has won around 58 games.

4.TSG Jash

TGS Jasho

TSG JASH statistics
Free Fire’s fourth god player on our list is TSG Jasho, TSG JASH is a member of the most famous guild in Free Fire known as TSG ARMY.

TSG JASH and his partner TSG RITIK have a youtube channel known as Two Side Gamer.

Two Side Gamer channel has more than 9 million subscribers.

TSG JASH is not only a famous YouTuber, but JASH is one of the most competitive Free Fire players.

His nationality is Indian, and he lives in Thane, Mumbai.

The real name of TSG JASH is Jash Dhoka.

He played more than 6500 matches in Free Fire and won 1235 matches.

His overall win percentage is 23.6%, and his K./D ratio is 3.2, with a total of 15387 casualties.

TSG JASH Free Fire UID number is 123643969, and their username in Free Fire is TSG JASH.

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He has played many games, and he uploads all kinds of montage videos to his YouTube channel.

In addition, he has his own YouTube shorts channel where he uploads some short gameplay videos.

5.Crazy M10

Free Fire’s fifth and last god player on our list is the PAGAL M10.

PAGAL M10 is one of the most famous YouTuber with over 3 lakh subscribers.

Crazy M10 is also known as M10.

He started his YouTube career on June 28, 2018 and recently, he has crossed almost three lakh subscribers.

The PAGAL M10 is a mobile player, and he plays a Free Fire game with three fingers (custom claw).

They started uploading their gameplay videos to YouTube in 2019.

On his Instagram account, he uploads Free Fire montage gameplay.

Top 5 God Level Free Fire Dangerous Players
Pagal M10 UID number is 387604143 and his Free Fire ID name is “Pagal M10”.

He plays Free Fire on his ASUS ROG 5 gaming phone.

He has unique and unforgettable skills, as well as his nationality in Indian.

who is the god of free fire

who is the god of free fire Many players in the Free Fire game have the tag of “Lord of Free Fire”.

This tag refers to a highly skilled player or a player playing the game as an expert.

From our given list, TSG JASH, and OP Vincenzo are both highly skilled players and known as the Gods of Free Fire.

These players have all the Free Fire Characters, Gun Skins, Elite Passes, Pets and many more premium items in their collection, and they have huge amount of diamonds and gold coins.

These players have a fast pace, a quick glue wall installation method, and a few extra hidden tricks for Free Fire, making them the Gods of Free Fire.

How to Add Free Fire God Players to Friend List?

How to Add Free Fire God Players to Friend List

Steps to Add Free Fire God Players to Your Friend List
Many players want to be on the friends list of god players, so they can play with them and learn their skills, plus playing with god players can also help you get famous on youtube and other social platforms .

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Being on the God players friend list can also help you get on their YouTube channel.

So there are a lot of benefits to being friends of god players.

So below are the steps to send friend request to God players of Free Fire.

  • Open the Free Fire game, and log in to your account using Facebook or other available log-in options.
  • On the top right corner, you will see a “Friends icon”, click on it.
  • Now click on search option.
  • Copy any ID of God Player from above and enter it in the search box.
  • Now, you will see the profile of God Player.

    Click on it.

  • Now click on “Send a Request” option to send friend request.

Comment: After sending the request, it is up to the god players.

If they accept your request, you will become their friend, and if they do not accept it, you cannot be on their friends list.

frequently Asked question –

Who is the god of free fire game in the world?

Sultan Proslow is the god of free fire game in the world.

His skills are excellent, and he can easily beat a four-player squad in just seconds.

What is the ID level of God Player of Free Fire?

God of Free Fire Player ID is “16207002”.

You can inspect their account by searching this ID in the ID search option in the Free Fire game.

conclusion –

Who is the god of free fire?“This is the most asked question ever.

Through this article, we have tried to answer this question in simple words.

Defining God player was not easy as many players in Free Fire are “God Player”.

are worth the tag, but in this article, we have shared the top 5 god players who really deserve this tag.

I hope you liked today’s article.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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