English Vs Other Languages ? Which Language Is Good For Blogging

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Yes, we agree that English is the universal language and that many of our population would like to learn it.

However I am sure that this article post will give you a different insight and prove to you why other languages are so good for blogging.

I know, I know, it’s hard to find a great blog in your own language.

That is why most of bloggers have a certain affinity towards English blogs and often don’t bother to read the content if written in a different language.

Well, I am all for this post with an opposite opinion!

There are so many reasons that translate into benefits from writing/ reading blogs in your mother tongue or at least some other languages than English.

English Vs Regional Languages ? Which Language Is Good For Blogging

In fact, you should really consider this option., but the more you write the better you get. Even if your posts are not perfect and some of your words sound a bit strange, you can always go back and rephrase them later on .

Writing in different languages is one of the most challenging things that modern bloggers can do especially if they don’t have enough writing experience.

You have to picture yourself how would it be to up Whether you’re looking for traffic from Google search , checking what’s going on within the blogging community or just want to improve your writing skills – here is a list of top 5 reasons why you should stick to blogging in your own language .

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So, let’s begin shall we?

This is my first reason and that goes into blogging in your own language.

I may be wrong here but most of the blog owners look for global audience.

If you are a multi-national blogger with a huge amount of readers from different countries , you would have probably recognized how difficult it can be to find an appropriate translator for your posts.

I am talking from experience as I’ve been doing this on one of my blogs and trust me it’s not fun . You lose a lot of time editing the post and then uploading it again after translation is done!

Moreover, almost all bloggers want their work to be shared across social networks so they often choose English as a main content.


you’re a multi-national blogger you know it’s not that easy to find people who are willing to share your post in different languages .

You can always ask your friends or teammates to help you out but then again, it becomes a difficult task.

My point is that blogging in English even if it brought huge success for many bloggers may not be the best option for certain ones.

That’s why blogging in other languages is a great idea! Honestly speaking, I have seen a lot of blogs with Russian content being more successful than American one because their target audience was from Russia and so on.

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In fact, right now I am working on few posts written both in English and Polish language so stay tuned!

It might sound counter intuitive but trust me, you get more recognition if your blog is written in English.

That sounds quite strange but that’s what I’ve experienced so far. Of course, if the content is great and interesting people would definitely share it across different social networks , but usually there are not many readers visiting this type of blogs.

Well, maybe you do have a certain group of people who speak both languages or they promised to check out some posts written in English or Russian language .

They sometimes leave comments with good advice for new bloggers on how to improve your skills which is really helpful! But overall I am sure that you can agree with me here – blogging in other languages brings more benefits when you’re an up-and- blogger without traffic from Google search or you’re just starting your blog.

If yes, then I am happy to inform you that many bloggers often write in different languages .

It’s not like they can’t speak English or they don’t know it , but blogging in their own language is more beneficial for them.

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That brings us to the next point which will be posted below…

I think almost everyone knows about this one so let’s get straight to the point. If readers are able to understand what you are trying to say on your posts, they would definitely come back and check out your other posts as well!

Of course, there might be some exceptions where people who read everything in English would still follow you – maybe because of your personal life blog or professional background which is quite interesting.

However, the number of people who read your posts in their own language is usually much bigger .

It’s also one of my favorite reasons to blog in English since I have never read anything interesting written in my own language, at least not yet! Again , even if you are multi-national blogger with a huge audience – blogging in your main language would attract more readers.

Well, I guess that’s it for this post so far 🙂 If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave comments . Also, don’t forget to subscribe and follow 🙂

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