Which Blogger Quotes Are More Popular?

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Blogger Quotes are often referred to as a blogger’s bible. A blogger quotes is the everyday opinion of a normal person that happens to have a strong craving to count all his friends each half hour.

For most bloggers these days it is considered sacrilegious to read their blog without a sugar coated perch.

Especially for bloggers those comments left by their regular reader are priceless and need no further adulation.

Most bloggers are, they’re constantly using funny ingredients in their blogs, but A, there’s always a deeper story behind it and C, it’s not always as simple as people make it out to be. It takes time to really understand a person’s mentality.

For most bloggers these days their main source of income comes from Google AdSense.

To some this is pure gravy; to others they use their knowledge of the AdSense program to earn a living by writing and promoting other people’s blogs.

All bloggers can agree on one thing though, a free resource library is what keeps the blogger happy. The more popular a blogger becomes the more information he/she wants to give out. Blogger Quotes is one such free resource library.

If you are new to blogging and haven’t yet been exposed to blogger quotes, then you have come to the right place.

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You have come to the right article where I’m going to show you a few blogs and the reason why they say things they do.

You’re going to see Robert Breault say this, and you’ll hear from Samantha Chase say that, and you will hear from Robert G Allen the blogger who said this… (slurring all of these different individuals by the way)

Now then, many bloggers are indeed saying things like, “A blog is like a journal, only it’s better.” Of course, this is just stating the obvious.

A blog can also be used as a newsletter, a message board, a social networking site, and can be an online resume tool, just to name a few.

But if we look at blogger quotes and how many times the average person quotes them, we can find some value there.

Consider, if you will, how many times you yourself have quoted one of the top blogger quotes, if not many times. This is true for people such as myself, who as you know, write about blogging, often quoting others.

Indeed, I’m often asked what my favorite blogging quote is, and I have several. In fact, one of my main blogs has had a blog quote button on it since its inception.

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consider what you might expect to find when you use a Google search for blogger quotes.

We’d find over one million web pages containing references to a variety of bloggers and their wisdom.

We’d find that a large percentage of these quotes came from the personal blogs of those that wrote them.

Most of them were from Rebecca Mackinnon, who is well known in Internet circles as a blogger specializing in SEO and other forms of web marketing.

And we’d find that these same sites contained a wide variety of other content as well, including how-to articles and even eBooks on various subjects regarding everything from marketing to blogging.

When you add all of this up, you can see that it’s quite possible that anyone looking for advice on a topic they are having problems with, or even just looking for some insight into how they can improve their blogging skills, might find some value in using one or more of the top blogger quotes available.

If you search the Internet for free resources on blogging, you’d find many quotes, including many by Rebecca Mackson. If you search for free resource library for blogging, you’d find the same thing, with perhaps even more quotes.

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In fact, you may find that in some cases you’d actually be able to get more than one quote from a single site, as many bloggers use several sites for their blogging needs.

So, is there a Godin, a Mackin, or an Einstein? Honestly, you’ll have to decide that for yourself. It’s probably a toss up on which of the two best bloggers out there has had the most impact on the Internet,

since all three of them have had something very good to say about blogging and optimizing your sites.

So, which of these “gods” are you?

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