What Your First Blog Post Should Be About

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I’m often asked how to write a good blog post. The question that should come first is what you want your first blog post to achieve.

That’s the hard part, because every blogger needs different things from their first post.

Some bloggers are trying to spread awareness about something they’re passionate about, some need the visibility of blogging to gain authority in an area or grow their business, while others are simply sharing experiences or stories with friends and family.

For each blogger, the first blog post is also very different based on their resume and prior work experience.

What Your First Blog Post Should Be About

There isn’t one perfect formula for writing just anyone’s first blog post; it depends entirely on where they’re starting from and what they hope to accomplish with it.

If you’re to write your first blog post without knowing what you’re aiming for, you could end up with a bunch of information that’s ultimately tangential or insignificant to your readers.

You should think about how you can make sure everyone who reads your first blog post will get something out of it.

That said, there are some guidelines for writing good blog posts in general.

There are also some kinds of blog posts that will benefit certain kinds of bloggers more than others, but I’ll talk about those later on this article. Let’s start off by covering where to begin and why it matters:

Is your first blog post really that important?

In short: yes! The first impression that people have from your blog is going to determine whether or not they’ll come back for more – and as we all, getting readership off the ground is the biggest challenge that any blogger faces.

So, if you’re a new blogger who needs to work on your visibility or monetization, then consider writing about one of the following topics for your first blog post:

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Personal story –

especially if it’s a similar topic to what you want to achieve through blogging. This can come in all different types and formats such as ” My First Time… “, “This Is My Journey…” , “The Reason Why I’m Passionate About ____” , etc.

The key is an emotional connection with the reader so they understand how much something means to you and why they should be interested in it too.


overview – self-explanatory but gives advice and insight into best practices for people who are just getting started.

It’s also a good way to show your authority in the market, even if you’re relatively unknown.

This can be especially applicable for bloggers who want to monetize later on through commission-based affiliate links or consulting services.

Specific information about how something works – this can be extremely practical and helpful for readers, but unfortunately not very entertaining so it might not get many click-throughs unless it’s really valuable.

For example, if you write tutorials or product reviews then this would fall into this category.

Industry analysis/news update – relevant news articles are always great linkable content that gets high search engine rankings, but they usually don’t generate much traffic because people tend to read after they already know what’s going on.

However, they might be interested in knowing what’s going on in the future and industry analysis pieces attempt to answer.

What is the point?

The point is always to gain visibility and attention; essentially, how many people read what you’ve written.

If no one reads your first post, what’s the point in writing it?

In order to get attention from a blog post, you need to have something interesting or valuable to say.

This becomes all the more important if your goal is to establish a readership and grow your blog into a business.

After all, if no one reads what you’re saying, how can they trust that you have anything of value to sell them?

Once you’ve gotten someone’s attention, there are other factors that come into play for each blogger depending on their needs:

What does your resume look like?

If you’re a blogger who needs to show off their writing skills, authority, or knowledge of a topic in order to gain visibility for a bigger project, then your first post should be about something that shows those things.

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It could be a collection of tips on how to begin blogging, but the key is that it makes an impression from the very beginning and gets people interested enough in what you have to say that they stick around for more.

But if all you want is readership and attention, then it doesn’t matter as much what kinds of blog posts you make – as long as you make them often enough and good enough to hold people’s interest.

Maybe it even helps if they’re short and entertaining, rather than long and in-depth.

What does your blog look like?

If you already have a blog design that’s all ready to go, then it’s probably good enough for attracting attention on its own based on your brand or style without needing to do more work.

But if you’re starting from scratch, then the first impression of your blog is very important.

Your first post should be colorful or interesting enough to make people want to click through all of your posts after reading it.

It can also help if they keep scrolling down past the first couple of paragraphs so that they have a better sense of what kind of writing style you’ll use throughout your blog.

You might even consider making some small changes before the launch of your blog.

Even something as simple as changing the font or image size could make your first post more interesting or easier to read.

What are you trying to achieve?

The goal of blogging is always either visibility (getting attention through branding, promotion, and marketing) or monetization (selling products and services).

Clearly, bloggers who need to establish authority in order to market themselves later will benefit from writing about what they’ve done before.

They can do this by writing a personal story about their experience and why it matters.

But if all you’re after is readership and attention without making money off of your blog yet, then it doesn’t matter so much what kinds of things you cover; just that you come up with enough ideas for new blog posts to fill up your publishing schedule.

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Wherever you stand on the spectrum of blogging goals, there are still benefits of writing out what you want to write about in advance.

You can get it organized without having to waste time thinking about it every time that you need a new blog post.

A good idea is to organize content into different categories so that everything has its place. And if you’re just starting out, check out these beginner blogging tips for more guidance on how to get started.

How can I make my first blog post the best one?

1. Pick a topic that’s appropriate for your goals – we’ve already discussed this but it’s extremely important to pick a topic that’s relevant to what you’re trying to achieve through blogging.

2. Make sure that the content is high-quality – this should be obvious but if you want people to keep reading or come back then your blog posts need to contain good information and writing skills.

But don’t fret; we’ve written some tips for beginners before on how they can improve their writing, which you can find here .

3. Think about keywords – the more keywords and keyphrases (that your target market would use) that appear in your blog post and title, the higher it will rank when people search those terms online.

This holds especially true for long-tail keywords because are usually really specific and not many people would search for them.

4. Optimize the meta title and description – this is extremely important because most search engines like Google will use these to generate your results when people search for related terms online (on the right-hand side of the page).

So, make sure that these are relevant and contain your focus keywords in order for you to get more traffic.

5. Add at least one image – this isn’t always necessary but it can usually help give posts better visuals if they’re presented in an appealing way (whether it’s within text or separate).

Also, bear in mind that some platforms such as Facebook reduce the number of characters you have to work with so try not to go overboard on describing what your images represent unless you have to.

Promote your blog posts on social media, email, and through your other content

The first step is always the hardest but promotion can really help you get more exposure over time with consistent effort.

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Below are some of the most effective tactics that you can use for increasing awareness of new blog posts:

1. Social media –

this shouldn’t be surprising since it’s one of the most popular platforms available now (with all the power that comes with it).

It not only helps attract an audience outside of your visitors but also keeps them engaged with regular updates which makes them more likely to come back again in another session.

However, make sure not to share too many posts at once because people will probably unfollow you if they feel like you’re spamming them; aim for 1-2 ft per day instead.

2. Email –

this is one of the oldest and most effective promotion strategies that you can use, especially if your content target market uses email as a primary source of online communication (which many do).

You can send out announcements to subscribed readers once new posts go live because they’ll be expecting it and it will encourage them come back for future updates because they’ll know what to expect.

The more useful and relevant your content is, the more likely people will want to follow you so try sending out notifications every time a new post goes live and link to those articles within your emails as well.

3. Posting on forums –

since we got into blogging we’ve been seeing more and more people use forums as a reliable source of information (or even for earning money through affiliate links).

If you think that your blog post relates to any of the topics on these platforms then try posting about it; make sure to watch out for any rules first though because many will ban or delete spammy-looking posts if they notice them.

So now that you know what makes a good blog post, why not follow our guide on how to start your own blog?

The best place to begin would be here , followed by deciding which topic you want to write about.

This way, you’ll have the means of creating great content from the beginning!

Conclusion :

The bottom line is if you’re trying to attract people because you want them to buy something or you need them to know about your brand then it really doesn’t matter what kind of topics that you write about as much as how well-written and valuable they are.

But if you’re just starting out and don’t have any traffic coming to your blog yet, then it would be good for building visibility so try writing a personal story or an overview piece.

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