I Used Lysol for Things You Didn’t Know You Could

Lysol has been around since the late 1800s, and in that time, it’s seen an impressive number of uses—and not all of them are things you’d expect.
Whether you’re looking to make your car smell better or to solve a pesky problem with your computer, Lysol may be the answer to your prayers.
And if you want to save some money on your next trip to the store, don’t forget about these handy Lysol hacks!

Clean your toilet

If you’re cleaning your toilet with lysol, you can easily add a few drops of lysol to an old toothbrush and scrub around.
Or, if you don’t have a brush, grab some paper towels and clean up that way.
It works just as well as a store-bought cleaner and it smells better! This is also a great way to clean mirrors or windows in your home.
Just spray on, wipe off, and enjoy!

Clean your floors

One of my favorite uses for Lysol spray is to clean my floors.
It’s easy, simple and makes them shine like new.
I love using it when I’m home with babies who crawl on all fours and use their toys on the floor.
My main concern is keeping those germs from getting in my little one’s system.
So while they are playing, I clean up real quick with a can of Lysol and disinfect it to keep everything clean and safe!

Clean your kitchen sink

Just 1 ounce of lysol is enough to clean a kitchen sink or bathroom.
Lysol is also able to kill germs in toilets, on doorknobs, and can even remove vomit stains from your carpet! So next time you have a tough cleaning job just reach for lysol instead of that gross bleach smell.
If you can’t find any of these products just mix equal parts water and vinegar and wipe it around with cotton balls.
It will get rid of 99% of bacteria and viruses.
The only thing it won’t work on is mold so if you need something stronger then grab some bleach.

Clean your drains

Dump a cup of baking soda and a half-cup of salt down your drain, fill it with boiling water, and let it sit for 20 minutes.
Then pour in one cup of vinegar.
The mixture will bubble and fizz.
After letting it sit for an additional 10 minutes, you can follow with running water to rinse everything away.
This should clean out soap scum build-up on your sink drains.
If your shower is starting to smell like mildew, consider using a bleach pen to kill any mold growing inside your shower head.
Just insert into any shower head and leave for 24 hours before rinsing thoroughly.

Prevent mold from growing in damp places like showers and bathrooms

I’ve also used it to prevent mold from growing in damp places like showers and bathrooms.
Of course, you should avoid using Lysol on wood finishes, but if your bathroom is particularly damp, it’s better than letting black mold take over.
Just spray a little Lysol into your shower or tub before you get in and let it dry before getting out.
No more gross mildew!

Clean your bathroom tiles

First, mix up a batch of homemade natural cleaner by combining one part vinegar to two parts water.
Then, pour it over your bathroom tiles and let it sit overnight.
In the morning, you’ll have shiny clean tiles without harsh chemicals.
This is also a great way to get rid of mildew in shower curtains or tile grout.
For tougher stains like rust or dirt, try using Murphy Oil Soap instead.
Just make sure that whatever product you use is safe on your type of tile! (Source: Real Simple)

Get rid of mould in woodwork

If you have hardwood floors, it is recommended that you have them sealed every two years to ensure they stay in good condition.
However, if mould appears on your woodwork, don’t panic – it can be removed with a little bit of bleach! Make sure you wear rubber gloves and go carefully when removing and cleaning up as mold release spores into the air which can cause allergic reactions in susceptible people.
Mix one part bleach with nine parts water.
Dip a cloth or sponge into solution and rub gently over affected area.
Leave to dry naturally before applying new sealant or varnish.

Remove smoke smells from fabrics and other surfaces

In order to remove smoke smells from your fabrics, we must first understand what causes them.
Cigarette smoke is composed of harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide.
In addition to these toxic elements, cigarette smoke will leave behind a sticky layer of tar on any surface it comes into contact with.
Tar can be removed from hard surfaces by using an all-purpose cleaner in conjunction with a steel wool scrubber or special pads designed to remove tar buildup.
However, when it comes to fabrics like clothing and upholstery, most cleaning solutions are not strong enough to dissolve tar; therefore, you’ll need a stronger solvent that can break down tars into smaller particles.
The best solution for removing smoke smells from fabric is denatured alcohol (also known as methylated spirits).
Denatured alcohol is sold at most hardware stores and drugstores.

Use as a room freshener

If you’re looking to spruce up your room with a light, clean scent, try using lysol.
It was actually used as a room freshener in several homes years ago and it works really well to kill odors.
One of my favorite uses is to use lysol in my vacuum bag when I’m finished vacuuming because it kills any bacteria left behind on my carpet and floor! Lysols various uses make it one of my most used cleaning products around my house!

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