What to DM Your Crush on Instagram?

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If you are wondering what to do with the thousands of pictures that you have taken on Instagram that you want to show to your crush on Instagram it can be hard to know what to do. Without a doubt, the best way to share what to do with your crush on Instagram is to directly message someone without a single filter attached to their status updates. This allows them to see what you are posting straight from your stomach. It also lets them know that you aren’t going to waste their time reading boring text messages.

The first rule of thumb is that if you have the ability to post a picture from somewhere with your phone in your hand then you should. The second rule of thumb is that if you don’t have the ability to post something to someone with your phone in your hand then don’t. Why? Because it is a waste of time!

Take for instance, someone snapping a picture of themselves at the beach. If they were to put the picture on Instagram and then publicly display it to their followers it would be highly unlikely that anyone would be interested in viewing their photo. People won’t be interested in viewing photos of themselves if they cannot see how beautiful they are! Therefore, avoid this behaviour at all costs.

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What to do with the picture you took of yourself on the beach? The first thing you should do is send the link to someone who can actually act as someone’s photographer. This will ensure that your image appears on the user’s feed and not in someone else’s feed. Furthermore, you will be adding value to the follower’s feed. This value is what helps you get followers on Instagram!

Another tip for sharing what to do with the pic you took of yourself on the beach is to post it on your personal Facebook page. Ensure that you do not include any names or any identifying details about yourself in your Facebook page headline or on your profile description. This is because it would only serve to make the other person think that they have found an idol and not someone with a questionable past. In order to help you create a good impression you should also ensure that you tag your followers when you do post images. They will be able to quickly identify who you are and follow you on Instagram!


you want to attract more followers on Instagram then you should also try and post pictures regularly. There is nothing worse than a person losing interest in what you have to say because he/she is unable to keep up with the pace. Therefore, ensure that you update your status every single day. Even if you have only one follower at the moment, it does not mean you have to post an image daily!

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The last tip that you should use when you are looking to what to DM your crush on Instagram is to upload the photo of your smile. Most people on the social media site are more likely to identify a female user through her smile rather than her facial expressions. Therefore, if you really want to attract attention to yourself then you should upload a picture of your beautiful smiling face. Once you have done this, you should also make sure that you also upload a picture of the product/service you are promoting in the promo image, as this is something that your followers are more likely to be interested in.

The above tips are just a few of the many tricks and techniques that you can use when you are looking to what to DM your crush on Instagram. You should also try and use social media in general to interact with people that you may have never met in real life. However, if you want to attract more followers on Instagram then you should ensure that you post quality photos and informative images. If you keep doing this then you will soon start attracting more attention from users on the social media site.

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