What is WordPress? how wordpress work [Latest Guide 2022]

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If you are associated with blogging or have the shock of earning online, then somewhere you must have heard the name of WordPress.

In such a situation, if you want to know what WordPress is and why most people use it, then you have come to the right place.

Today we are going to clear all the concepts related to WordPress through this post.

WordPress is considered the best option for a blogger.

people on wordpress blog And use it to build a website.

If we talk about before the arrival of WordPress, then people used to get scared on hearing about making a website.

Because at that time one had to learn coding language to make a website and learning this language is not so easy.

If the developer hired, then a developer had to pay a huge amount.

In this, people had to spend in lakhs for a website.

Correcting this situation, Mark Mullenweg created WordPress on 23 July 2003.

With the advent of WordPress, the number of websites on the Internet increased rapidly.

the main reason is WordPress website is very easy to create And you can create a professional website in very less budget.

If we talk about today, then more than 40% of the websites on the Internet are built on WordPress.

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The main reason for this is that WordPress is very easy to use and there is no programming language Not even needed.

Are you also thinking of starting a blog or website?

If yes then WordPress can prove to be a good option for you.

If you read the post till the end, then you will know why we have said this.

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What is WordPress?

If you have read the post till here then you must have understood. what is wordpress, The definition of WordPress is explained in the details below.

wordpress one content management system (Content Management System) i.e.

CMS which is used to create website.

This is an open source program made from php and MysQl programming language.

You can consider WordPress as a website making software, with the help of which any kind of website can be developed with great ease.

WordPress provides a user interface to the user, which makes it very easy to create and handle a professional looking website without coding and programming knowledge.

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is very easy to create a website on WordPress, there are any types of themes and plugins available, with the help of which one can create a website in 5 minutes by drag and drop, customize or design the website accordingly.

Apart from WordPress, any other CMS is available on the market.

Although in today’s time the popularity of WordPress is high and 40% of the people on the market like to use it only.

if you a blog Or if you want to make a website then this is a good option for you.

Because WordPress is such a cms that provides both free and paid way to create a website.

However, the features are very less available in free as compared to paid.

How does WordPress work?

If we talk about earlier, then coding was needed to make any kind of website.

Due to which the developer was needed and the developer had to design every part of the website.

Which used to take a lot of time.

But since the CMS has come, the developer got some relief.

Because the convenience of cms would be that the made thing is available here, which only has to be customized.

WordPress is also a very good cms which is used to create websites.

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now you must be thinking how wordpress workHere’s how to make a website.

To create a website in WordPress, these two things are required first.

  • Domain: This is the address ie url of the website.
    Which can be accessed by visiting the website.
  • web hostingIt is a server where all the data of the website is stored.

WordPress has to be installed on the server itself and after that it provides a CMS dashboard.

So that the website can be customized or designed.

There are any kind of themes and plugins available in WordPress which help in giving a good and professional look to the website.

  • Theme: Theme means you can assume the design of the website.WordPress provides some kind of theme on the theme section, using which you can easily change the website design.
  • Plugin: Plugin means adding extra features to the website.Suppose you need a contact form in your site and for this you can add it using contact form plugin.

Apart from this, there are some types of feauture like customization, widget area which make the designing of the website even easier.

Types of WordPress

Many people remain confused about the type of WordPress.

On the Internet, you get to see two types of WordPress.


Both of them belong to the same platform and both are useful for website development.

However there is a lot of difference between them.

So let’s know wordpress.org and wordpress.

What is the difference between com.

WordPress.Org :

These are self hosted where full control resides with the website owner.


To create a website in org, first of all it has to be installed on the server.

For which web hosting and domain are needed.

what is wordpresswhat is wordpress

Although you can install WordPress for free, hosting and domain are required to install it.

For which little budget is required.

At present, most bloggers use this platform only.


what is wordpresswhat is wordpress

As you must have known wordpress.

org is a software that needs to be installed on the server.

But wordpress.com is a web application or website that does not require a separate server or domain to use.

They themselves give a platform where you can create your website absolutely free with a free domain name.

That is, wordpress.

com is absolutely free.

Due to being free, there are many limitations in .com and you do not have full control of the website.

Provides free limitations such as only 3 themes.

To add extra features, its premium plan has to be taken, whose budget is very high.

If you are new to blogging and want to use it for testing purpose then you can use it.

But if you have some experience in blogging and want to move ahead in the blogging world, then you should use .org.

everyone pro blogger wordpress.org Recommand the same.

What type of website can be created with wordpress

WordPress is a very big cms with the help of which you can create any kind of website.

Even we also use it to make website.

WordPress has any kind of plugin available which makes it easy to create any kind of website.

Here are some lists that can be made from WordPress.

  • Blog Website
  • Personal Website
  • Static Website
  • Business Website
  • Job portal website
  • News Website
  • portfolio
  • School/College Management System
  • E-commerce website
  • Coupon Website
  • Business Directory
  • Forum
  • Social Network
  • online course website
  • Affiliate Website
  • Wiki sites
  • Photo gallery
  • job board
  • Real Estate
  • online examination site
  • question answer website
  • Quiz
  • Auction
  • And Many More

Features of WordPress

they would have known how wordpress work Now let’s talk about some of its features.

Due to which it is considered one of the best cms.

  • WordPress Install: Installing WordPress on any server is very easy.Every server only provides WordPress software.You just have to install it by clicking on install.
  • Website CustomizationIt is very easy to customize the website in WordPress.Here you can customize the website according to you with drag-drop.
  • Plugin: on wordpress There are some kind of plugins available which makes your blogging or website journey even more easy.
  • Theme : You can consider WordPress as a repository of themes.All types of website themes are available here which give the best look to your website.
  • User Management : Suppose you want to work as a team.For this you can also manage the access of WordPress dashboard.You can make author, owner, editor, admin according to you.
  • Search Engine Optimization : Seo is considered a very big factor in the blogging journey.wordpress seo It also helps a lot.There are any kind of plugins available here so that you can SEO your content in a better way.
  • Media ManagementIf you want to upload any kind of image or video, then you can also do it very easily.Only for this you have to upload by going to the media section.
  • Permalink ManagmentPermalink means the url structure of the post.WordPress also gives options to change permalinks.
  • Multi Language: You can use WordPress dashboard in any language other than English.
  • Community Support: The community team at WordPress is huge.If you have any kind of question about wordpress then you wordpress community form You can go and ask.

    From where you get answers according to your question.

History of WordPress

If we talk about earlier, people used to spend in lakhs to make a website.

But after the arrival of cms, now a website can be created at a very low cost.

One such CMS wordpress was developed in 2003 by two people named Mark Mullebweg and Mike Little.

At first WordPress was created for blogging purpose only.

After this, in 2004, WordPress was connected to the plugin system.

The theme system was added in the year 2005 and a default theme was also given in it.

The image upload, import system was improved in the same year itself.

In the year 2007, a new interface was designed and features like auto save, spell checking were added to it.

In the same way, improving every year has become the most popular cms today.


so we went up what is wordpress How does it work? So friends, hope this information was able to explain to you people.

If we have missed to clear any kind of topic in the post, then definitely tell us by commenting.

Guys, if possible, share the post with your friends and tell your opinion on the comment.

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