What is Throwaway Twitter Account?

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If you are not familiar with what a throwaway Twitter account is, this is a fake account.

This type of account is created by an anonymous person with the intention of being anonymous, but will disappear after 5 days. This type of account is usually used for spamming and harassing the target.

A throwaway Twitter user may be a politician, a celebrity, or an unpopular figure.

The main purpose of this type of account is to publish sensitive comments or content without leaving a trace of their true identity.

The main advantage of a throwaway account is that it lets users downvote one another to send a message, but this can be frustrating for the person receiving the message.

What is throwaway Twitter account

This is a great option for those who want to keep using Twitter but do not want to pay for it.

Burner apps require you to pay a monthly or annual subscription.

They offer features you don’t need and ask for your phone number. There is a solution to this problem.

A throwaway Twitter account allows you to continue using your account as long as it has enough followers. Once you stop using it, you can delete it and start a new one.

Many Twitter users prefer to use a verified account over a regular account. A verified account shows that a user is genuine and an important figure.

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Anyone can apply to become a verified user, and verified accounts have a blue check mark next to their name.

Other users can also see what tweets the verified user replies to. So, be careful when contributing to the discourse. A burnt account does not hide from the rest of the world.

A burnt account should be set up like an internet detective. For instance, you should never use your family email to set up the account. If you have a family email, this is a red flag.

You need to use another email account, so as to avoid using your family’s phone number. Lastly, avoid mentioning personal information or phone numbers. It’s best to stick to a separate email address.

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