What is Status in Whatsapp?

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what is status in whatsapp

“What is status in whatsapp?” was the first question I asked when i received my first iPhone 4 years ago. It was one of the most desired features that I had been looking for. Sadly, the iPhone has never made it to the carriers I would have wanted it on (T-Mobile and AT&T). But that does not mean that the dream of having a status on whatsapp is dead.

What is Status in Whatsapp? – New in whatsapp is the ability to post short statuses on your mobile messaging application. You can write a short, sweet, and sweet status update for your friends and fans. Long and short simple & short statuses for whatsapp profile.

Can i use this new feature to send multiple statuses? – Yes! If you add more than one user to your network and add a new feature to share with them then you can. Just go into settings and turn on the new feature. It will give you different groupings based on how long the status will be and the type of statuses you want to share. Long and short statuses for example will be selected by the user taps you make on their device.

Does this new feature work with ios devices? – No it does not work on any android devices, but you can still send a short SMS to other whatsapp users via IM. This works exactly like sending a regular text to someone. You just need an iphone or any other android device. This new feature was not made for the iphone specifically, but it may be made for other android phones soon.

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Can i change my current status in whatsapp? – Yes, once you have enabled the new feature, you can change your current status from time to time. This makes it so much easier to keep track of your friends and contacts. Go into settings and turn this new feature on. It will replace your current status updates with new ones that are delivered straight to your phone.

How do I know my dp id’s are being shared with whatsapp? – Your dp ids or Device Peripheral Identification Numbers are unique to your device only. You will be given a link that you can give to whomever you would like to see the link to. You also have to join the program that lets you unlock your iphone so you can use the app unique status.


there be more free version of whatsapp statuses? – No, at first there will not be many free versions available for download. There will be a free trial period, but after the period you will then have to join the program to get the full version of whatsapp. After the trial version is released you will have one free month of use. The free version does not have any of the features that the paid version has, like instant messaging and downloading of new statuses.

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What is the purpose of this new feature? – Many people are asking me what is the purpose of the whatsapp online status update. Since I have been using an iphone for a while now, I decided to try this out. I love getting text messages on my phone and having the option to share them on any of the social media sites that I may be a member at, and now I can do this from my iphone!

How is the sharing of statuses different than texting on a phone? – In this new feature users can actually see the status messages that their friend is currently viewing. If the friend doesn’t have a profile they will have their status only visible to other members of the whatsapp network. Now when a friend sees their friend’s latest status message they can immediately take a look and see what they wrote.

Is whatsapp a standalone program or does it work with iphone apps such as twellow or others? – Yes it works great with those programs but it is not a standalone program. It acts as an add-on that allows you to see the full screen version of your friend’s statuses. It also allows you to change your settings so that you can customize the ways that you see their status.

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Can I change the way that other users see my status by adding or removing friends? – Yes you can. You can even add new people and their statuses to your friends list and their statuses will be shown as well. This new feature lets you customize your online experience and gives you ultimate control over what is displayed to other users. what is status in whatsapp is a very exciting new way to use this free mobile messaging app.

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