What is Self Hosting? A Beginner’s Guide

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What is self hosting? Self hosting in the context of web publishing and site management is used to define the process of operating and maintaining a site with a different web server than that used by other users.

In short, it’s the web site owner’s responsibility to make sure that his website will be seen by everyone.

what is self hosting

If you have been looking at different ways to start making some money on the Internet, you may have come across self hosting.

Self hosted web publishing can be very profitable.

You really need to understand what you’re getting into though before you jump in head first.

There are a few important questions to ask yourself before you decide to go this route.

What is my IP address? If you are planning on self hosting your site, then you absolutely need an IP address.

This number is unique to every computer on the Internet and you should never be without it.

Your IP address identifies you and the site you own.

What is my domain name? The domain name of your site will be what visitors see when they connect to your site.

It’s best to get your domain name as part of your domain name when you purchase your web host account.

It may be sold to you may choose to reserve it for future use.

Who are my hosting partners? Your hosting partner will be responsible for providing you with a domain name and a web host account.

Some hosting companies will provide you with the addresses of their partner sites.

Usually you will be given the addresses when you sign up for a paid account with them.

How much space does my site require? As a barebones site, you only have one domain name and one sub-domain.

If you want more space (and less clutter) you can get extra domains and sub-domains, but be prepared for extra costs.

Many self hosting companies will only offer the bare bones so if you are looking to customize, check out what you can find before signing up.

Will my site get traffic? Content counts. You must have content in order to make money on the Internet. Without content your site will go nowhere.

Look for sites that allow you to host pictures, videos, and even audio files for free. Content helps keep your site fresh and alive and also creates backlinks to other sites which is good for search engines.


much bandwidth do I need? Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred in a certain period of time. For instance, a television shows 60 minutes of pictures in one hour.

If your site receives a lot of traffic, it’s recommended you get more bandwidth.

More bandwidth will allow you to host more pictures, videos, or even audio files without slowing down your connection.

This question of what is self hosting is important to answer because not having this aspect covered would be a real waste.

What type of server software do I need? You will need to choose a web server that supports PHP, MySQL, MS-SQL, or any other database system.

If your site consists of static HTML pages, then most providers will give you the ability to install all necessary scripts for you to have a fully functional online store.

This part isn’t absolutely necessary but is nice to have if you want to put things like an online shops on your site.

What is self hosting and where can I find information about server software? The easiest way to find answers to these questions is by searching on the Internet.

There are many different types of sites that provide information about server software, what is self hosting, and more.

You can also look at forums and chat groups that discuss this topic.

What is self hosting? It is a method of hosting your own website.

Some people use their home computers as their main web hosting server.

Others choose to rent dedicated server space from web hosting companies. Still others decide to use a free website hosting service.

While there are numerous options, it is important to note that the quality of these services varies quite a bit.

Do you need to make money with what is self hosting? One way to earn money with what is self hosting is by creating a blog or small website that features your own products.

Many popular blogging services offer this option.

Other methods include selling products over auction sites, affiliate marketing programs, and website advertising.

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