What Is Intelligenceservice2? A Simple Registry Fix

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What is iissions? Is it an iPhone or Android Phone App for your Business? This is the question that bewilders most people who are looking for iissions review or preview of this particular app. iissions is an iPhone and Android phone apps that helps businesses to promote and track their own and their partners’ real estate marketing in local markets.

What is iissions 2.0 you ask? It’s a Google Maps application, but unlike many other Google Maps applications it has some neat features you won’t find in any other Google Maps application. You see, not only does the iissions application show you your business listings in your current city or zip code, but it also shows you information on properties that are currently for sale in your local market. The map is customizable and the error message it displays are error messages you can’t find in most Google Maps applications.

What is iissions 2.0 you ask? Well it’s so much more than just a Google Maps application. First it integrates with social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, it integrates with Zagat and other rating systems, it integrates with the Zagat scoring system and basically it serves as an advertising platform for local small business owners. Now when you submit a listing in the service you are actually submitting a property, not just a listing. When a potential buyer is interested in your property you will receive an email with all of the information and photos required for them to view your property.

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What is iissions 2.0 you ask? The program actually uses real world data to determine which listings are of interest to your customers. It takes into consideration factors such as price, square footage, neighborhood, proximity to certain amenities, etc. Once this information is entered into the system, the app shows you these criteria so you can choose the ones that would best suit the type of property that you have. Now when a prospective buyer is interested in your property you will see an icon on the right side of the screen that says “View Details”, if you click on it you will be taken to the specific location that the listing is for.

Now while this is a great feature it unfortunately is only available on Samsung phones (which of course has to be a good thing). If you have a Samsung phone or any other brand there is a way you can get round this issue and use what is intelligenceservice2.0 for all of your devices. That is an application by the name of “icably” which is available for free on the Android Market. This application is available from the Samsung Apps Store, unfortunately it does not work on the Galaxy S4 yet though.

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problem that I have with this application is that it is still in its developmental stages and has some serious bugs. One of the most annoying things when using it is when you are trying to perform a task and an error message appears saying that “System Ui Services” have been stopped. When you try to re-launch the app it gives you another error saying “Sorry, an error has just happened”. Obviously the first error I have experienced when using the Play Store application on the Galaxy S4 is when the systemui got stopped but unfortunately this one is a little more serious than that. When you attempt to open it the application hangs, the screen freezes and a black box with white characters appears on the screen. Obviously this is not a friendly character, a few people have reported being able to make calls or look up directions on their smartphone using this feature but it’s clearly still something that needs to be ironed out.

If you are looking to use this application on your Samsung galaxy S4 or any other device that uses the Samsung Apps Engine it’s important to be aware that it won’t work unless you first factory reset your device. This means that if you accidentally reboot your device it will not load the latest version of the software which will stop any features from being able to be accessed. The good news is that factory resetting doesn’t permanently damage your device so it’s not as bad as some people might think. If you do experience any problems please restart your device and reinstall the apps. The problem is that there are thousands of Samsung apps which are hosted on the internal memory of your phone and unfortunately after a reboot these will not be able to be accessed anymore.

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The other reason this error message is shown is that you have installed the Google Chrome browser but haven’t actually used it. If you want to use the Google Chrome browser please ensure that you are signed in and then click on the Apps button which is located on the top right hand corner of your screen. This will stop the “System Ui Services” application from running and will hopefully allow you to continue using the browser. If you have downloaded and subsequently installed an important email client or messenger app, then you should try updating this application – if this didn’t fix the error you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app again.

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