what is cell standby on android learn the best ways to extend battery life

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What is cell standby on Android

What is cell standby on Android? It’s a software that will allow you to use different modes like playing music and video while your phone is switched off.

What most people don’t know is that most devices come with this software. But it’s not compatible with some models.

What is cell standby battery drain? When the screen of your cell phone goes off, the software will switch to the background so it will not drain your battery even if you are not using your phone.

It also helps conserve power. This will make you wonder “what is cell standby battery drain”.

So how can you be sure that your battery is drained when you are not using your device? The first step is to note the time you used your phone (you will probably need the calendar or calculator since this software uses the device’s clock).

You should then check the battery icon on your phone.

If it has been set to ‘low energy consumption mode’, it indicates that your usage has been minimal and it is performing quite well in this state.

The second step is to check your email. If your emails indicate that they are being read while your cell phone is idle, then it means that your device is in its low activity state.

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You might be wondering “what is cell standby battery drain”.

Your next step should be to charge the phone. If you use your phone battery too much, it will be charged to full capacity before you finish using it.

After that, it will undergo deep sleep, thus preventing it from receiving or making phone calls when it is supposed to work.

This is one reason why your device might have trouble in its battery life – you are using it to save power!

It is easy to observe the difference between what is cell standby on Android device and normal idle time. On an Android phone, you should notice a significant change in the standby time after you use your device for a period of time.

You may notice that it takes lesser time when you leave it on and that it gets charged up faster.

You would then ask yourself “Why does my phone take so much longer to get ready when I leave it on?” Here is your answer: your device has saved more power than usual when you were not using it.


that you know what is cell standby on android device, let us move on to a better way to conserve power consumption.

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The first step is to remove any applications that you are not using frequently. Most of the applications that take up a lot of memory can be removed to free some space in your device.

Another thing to do is to uninstall background services.

Since most services such as Google Reader and Google Now takes up a considerable amount of memory, you can eliminate them from your device if you use it less frequently.

In addition to that, you can also set the screen to sleep when it is not in use to conserve power.

Your device will now run much smoother and will not make phone calls when it should not.

Now that you are fully aware of what is cell standby on android, follow these tips to further improve battery life. Keep your device off of softwares that constantly run in the background. Always keep your device active.

And the last thing that you can do to improve battery usage is to turn off Bluetooth devices to reduce battery consumption.

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