what is blogger draft ? (How To Activate And Use)

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Blogger Draft : Blogger is a really good blogging platform to start blogging.Every New Blogger need to know functionality of CMS They are using so , Blogging can be quite easy.

what is blogger draft ? (How To Activate And Use)

Most bloggers are unfamiliar with “Blogger Draft” option in the settings menu, so you should expand your blogging knowledgeand confuse them with “Blogger Draft” in Blogspot. This blog post “What is the Blogger Draft?” Explains what is the Blogger Draft, how to use it. It is important for all Blogspot bloggers to know this.

Today, in this article, I will show you how to enable draft mode on your blogger. If you are a Blogspot user, it is important to know everything about bloggers.

What is Blogger Draft In Blogspot Blog

The Blogger Draft, also known as beta blogger, started in 2007 and the Blogger Draftadmin panel is slightly different from the regular blogger dashboard. A simple example of enabling HTTPS on a Blogger website , which has been added to the standard Blogger and not previously available in Blogger.
This feature can be enabled or disabled in the settings menu. So Blogger Drafts is a beta version of Blogger. For some users, before future Google Blogger (Blogspot) features are rolled out to all users
Ex: The current Blogger dashboard is available to anyone after testing as Blogger Concepts (beta) users.

Why You Should Enable Blogger Draft ?

Enabling Draft Mode on Blogger gives you several additional features that are currently being tested by the Blogger team. It’s not necessary to activate it but you can enable it if you want to test new upcoming beta features before release.

Difference Between Post Draft And Blogger Draft

Draft in Blogger Post BloggerDraft
It By Default available in Blogger. We have to enable it manually if we want.
It Used For Blogger Posts. It used On Entire Blog.
We use it if don’t want to publish post immediately. We use it for blogger beta program experience.
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How To Enable Blogger Draft ?

  1. Login To Blogger.
  2. Go To Settings.
    what is blogger draft ? (How To Activate And Use)

  3. Scroll To Bottom And Find General.
    what is blogger draft ? (How To Activate And Use)

  4. Enable Use Blogger draft.
    what is blogger draft ? (How To Activate And Use)

Conclusion :
This will allow you to successfully enable drafts on your blog and use draft mode on your bloggers. Friends, this article introduces you to Blogger Draft and uses Blogger Draft to tell your story. If you run into any issues after enabling the Blogger concept, please let us know in the comments.

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