What is Bing Search Engine? Brief Note on Bing Search Engine

Whenever it comes to search engine, the name of Google comes first in our mind, but apart from Google, many other search engines are present on the Internet, one of which is named “Microsoft Bing”, which is the second largest after Googleis a popular search engine.

It is known as Bing which is created by American software company Microsoft.

In this article you will get more information about Bing, many times in exams also you are asked to write short comment or information on Bing search engine, then you can use this information for that also.

What is Bing Search Engine? (brief information)

Bing or Microsoft Bing is a type of search engine which is operated by Microsoft company.

It is a web search engine like Google that helps to find websites, images, videos and other types of content on the Internet.

The Bing search engine was created by Microsoft in 2006, at that time its name was Windows Live Search, which was later renamed Live Search and in 2009 it was re-branded and renamed Bing.

Features of Bing Search Engine

Let us now talk about some of the features of the Bing search engine:

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  • You can also search for images, videos, news, maps, etc.on Microsoft Bing’s search engine.
  • You can find other images and photos related to it on the Internet by replacing the text with the image.
  • Bing search engine has background images which make its interface more beautiful.
  • When you click on the link containing the videos, you will see the trending videos trending on the internet.
  • You can watch a short preview of the video without opening it by hovering over it.
  • Like the Video tab, when you click on the Images tab, you see trending images of different categories there too.
  • When you type some small question in the search box, then its answer starts appearing there.

In addition, Microsoft Bing has many other features due to which it is one of the famous search engines.

History of Microsoft Bing

Microsoft has a long history in the field of web search engines., It was working in this field since 1990s and first it created MSN Search in 1999 which became very famous.,

In 2006, Microsoft replaced MSN Search and created a search engine named Windows Live Search, in which tabs like Web, news, images, music, desktop were added.,

In 2007, Windows Live Search was changed to Live Search and many changes were also made.,

Later, Microsoft was facing branding problems regarding its name because its name was associated with the word “Live”, so it was rebranded and in 2009 it was renamed Bing.,

Now in 2022 again Microsoft rebranded Bing and in its logo you will now see Microsoft Bing written instead of Bing.

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