What if I clicked a phishing link on my Android phone

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“What if I clicked a phishing link on my Android phone?” That is a question that has plagued millions of people around the globe. It’s a sad fact of life that not everyone uses their smart phone to check for malware or any type of fake-security-ware online, but most smart phones do have at least the remote possibility of opening up to a dangerous website. With every day that passes, this reality gets closer to reality for more people.

This is where phishing links come into the picture. Phishing links are those little push button scams that offer some type of free download or contest that you just can’t wait to enter. You might be making these downloads every single minute of every single day of your life, without even realizing it. If you are like most people, you answer the push button without thinking and then push forward in the quest to gain instant access to “the next big thing” or to get yourself a new identity.

When you think about what if I clicked a phishing link on my Android phone, you probably think about a push button scam that requires you to put personal information and your bank account information to sign up for a contest. Well, that is exactly what these types of websites are. When you push a link in an attempt to gain access to information or to try and get you to buy some merchandise, you could be putting yourself at serious risk. The two main types of spear phishing attacks are often referred to as watering hole and push-over.

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A watering hole attack is when the person who is trying to gain access to your information has a website that relates to your company or your field of work. The name of the site could be similar to your company’s name or you could even find some similar names on the Internet. The objective is to use the name of your company or your field of work in the URL to direct someone looking for you to a phishing site. What if I clicked on a phishing link on my iphone? This might seem like a ridiculous question but there are many reasons why you might have unintentionally visited a malicious website.

Some malware are known to use mobile applications that send out fake text messages to attempt to trick you into giving them access to personal and financial information. What if I clicked on a phishing link that asked for my bank account number? If the website was legitimate, they would ask for this information because it is a common practice for malware to attempt to access this information in order to make transactions. If the website used text messages as a distraction to lure you into giving them access to your account then you may be in serious trouble because any legitimate bank will not give out financial information.

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if I accidentally opened a malicious website that tried to sell me malware or a fake keylogger? This is also a common reason why people fall victim to phishing attacks. You see, most malware programs require the user to open up attachments such as viruses, spyware, trojans, and other malicious software before it can run. These attachments can be disguised very nicely so that they will look like they come from a trustworthy source. What if I accidentally loaded a virus onto my phone?

Another common reason why people get phishing links or malicious websites on their phones is if they are using a free downloadable application that they downloaded off of the Internet. Some of these free applications have spyware or malware hidden inside of them which can also be used for phishing attacks. What if I accidentally deleted my entire data folder due to a mistake during a factory reset?

This is just one example of why it is important to make sure that you take great precaution when browsing the Internet. Never download anything that you do not trust. Always double check to make sure that you are downloading from a trusted site. If you accidentally downloaded a virus from a suspicious source then you need to run a virus scan to make sure that it has not been bundled with other harmful files. Protect yourself by protecting your phone.

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