What Happens When You Report Someone on Whatsapp – Read More About It

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what happens when you report someone on whatsapp

“I need to report someone on whatsapp for harassment, but I don’t want to name them on MSN or Facebook.” Sounds like common sense to most people. However, you won’t ever know what happens when you report someone on whatsapp. For one thing, there is no clear-cut rule on what happens when you report someone for inappropriate messages on a messaging system. In fact, there is no defined process when it comes to using or looking at a person’s profile. In short, it can be a difficult situation to explain to a supervisor or the person being harassed about what to do.

First of all, you will need to determine whether or not the person sending messages on the system is actually the person that you’re reporting to. If they’re a repeat offender then obviously you have reason to believe that this is a pattern of harassment. However, if you’re only seeing one or two incidents of this behavior then that can be much more difficult. You will need to know the user names and other identifying information of each incident. You may even have reason to believe that this person is a victim of stalkers or other types of predators.

Now that you have determined what type of abuse is taking place, you can move on to what you should do once you have the user names of the individuals. Report the incident as a sexual offender so it will be logged by the appropriate authorities. Contact your local law enforcement unit. They will help you with any other police officers or investigators. If you have proof it will help in your case and they will notify the service provider to stop the harassing messages from continuing.

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Now that you have the user names and the identifying information of the user, what happens next? A lot depends on what the original user says. Often times if they say they were only joking or that they are just a friend of a friend they will be removed from the report. Many times this will not be the case. It is important to get all the details before making any type of decision.

Some may think that they can continue to send the same messages to the account even after being removed as it will not appear on the report. This is wrong and can result in many problems. First of all it will be reported to the credit bureaus and the user could face severe consequences for continuing the abuse. Also since the user has been identified there is a good chance that they will receive more abusive messages once they are removed from the MySpace account. So if a person is serious about stopping their accounts from being abused then they need to take immediate action.


you have made the initial report of the abuse on the offending MySpace account, you need to get a second report done in order to verify the facts of what happened. Many times a person will try to deny sending the messages but there are ways to know for sure what the situation is. If you are able to get confirmation from the second party then the person in question should be held responsible for their actions. This is the best way to what happens when you report someone on whatsapp.

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If the user is willing to admit that what they are doing is wrong then you should report them and have the details added to the police force cyber crime unit for them to investigate. This is another form of reporting the abuse which should also include screenshots of the chat log. The first thing that they should do is correct the issue by contacting the police department for assistance. If they cannot do this then they should delete the history and stop using the account. This will make it easier for them to be caught again if and when they return.

There are a few different ways to deal with what happens when you report someone on whatsapp. Some of these reports end up as nothing but a waste of time because the person was never found. Others end up as evidence that can help the police with their investigation. The best thing to do when you want to know what happens when you report someone on whatsapp is be an active participant in the investigation yourself so that if anything comes out of the process that you can be ready for it.

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