What Happens When You Block Someone on Whatsapp

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What happens when you block someone on whatsapp is not as straight forward as a text messaging application or a cell phone app. When you use whatsapp to send text messages it’s similar to an email. There is no guarantee that the message will arrive or if it will at all. This is where blocking someone comes in. By blocking someone from your address book on whatsapp you can limit the amount of people that can read your private messages.

So, what happens when you block someone on whatsapp? First you have to find the blocked contact in your contacts. To do this you simply take your regular phone or mobile and log into your whatsapp using your regular user name and password. Once you’re logged in you can click on the + button next to your name. From there you can select send a message or call them on their mobile number.

When you do this the whatsapp service will take note of the blocking status you are in and will present a list of the people that you have blocked. These include any recent statuses such as texting, emailing, or calling. You will also see what happens when you click on the names. They will now show a message stating that you have blocked this person and they will be unable to contact you anymore.

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Some apps will show you a screen detailing what happens when you block someone on whatsapp, but others aren’t so forthcoming with this information. Most will simply state the name of the person that you blocked, the city and country where they lives, and then the date of the incident. This is information that can be used in a variety of situations. In many cases it can help you determine whether or not you should continue to communicate with that person or if you should turn down any future requests for meeting times or contact information.

One particular scenario where finding out this information can be extremely helpful comes after a certain amount of time has passed since the last time you blocked someone on the app. In some cases you may forget about an upcoming chat session or phone call. You could get a notification saying something like “You were online three minutes ago, do you want to connect?” If you tap the screen it will bring up a list of all of the blocked contacts and you can choose the user by clicking on the three vertical dots representing the person you want to view the info on.


next screen will then show their IP address, which can be important depending on what you are doing. The bottom-right corner of the screen will show the time of day and what region they are in. The top-right corner will also change, depending on whether you have multiple contacts that you need to block. If so, the top-right corner will become red, indicating that it’s time to take action. To do this, simply click the three vertical dots again and a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to select a user to whom you wish to block.

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The final step is very simple but can be one of the most important. After you have chosen who to block, you will see a notification that informs you that you blocked someone. You can then go into the user’s profile area and look at the group of contacts in order to see if they are in the group. If they are, you can click on the star symbol next to the name and it will become green. This means that the user is a member and is part of your network; enabling you to go ahead and unblock them.

There are various other situations where you may wish to unblock a person, but if you’re only attempting to block someone on a specific messaging app, then these steps should help you. It’s also possible to change these various settings, which means that some situations may not apply to your situation. The best thing to do is test out various scenarios to ensure that you understand how they work and how you’re able to block someone else on a messaging app before making any final decisions. However, if you find that these methods don’t work for your specific needs, you can always use a chat app jailbreak tool to bypass these restrictions.

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