What Happens When You Block Someone on Android?

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What happens when you block someone on Android

If you have a new android smartphone and would like to use it to stream videos, play music, or surf the web, you may be wondering what happens when you block someone on Android.

While most people use their smartphones for these purposes, blocking a person can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

Here is what happens when you block someone on Android.

First, the person on the other end will see that you have blocked them.

As they are using the system, they will notice that they aren’t in control. For instance, if you are playing a game and you get in an argument with another person, chances are they will exit the application and start a fight with you.

Chances are even worse if they are male since most females use the platform to access social networking sites.

What happens when you block someone on Android if you are in a video chat situation? Depending on how the software installed on your smartphone is set up, you may not even see the person being blocked.

If you are on a video chat application that requires you to accept an invitation to participate, you won’t necessarily know that the person you are talking to is not in the chat.

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If there is a visual indicator for the user to see who is online, the person won’t know that they are not in the chat either.

Since most video chat applications that run on the Android platform support both text messages and voice calls, they can both work at the same time.

What happens when you block someone on Android when you are in a picture messaging situation? Again, depending on how the photo messaging software is set up, you will not always know who is actually in the picture.

Even if you do recognize the photo, the person could still use the photo messaging system to set themselves up as someone else in the conversation.

Even if you enter a specific contact name, they could still use a fake name to play audio.

If you enter a phone number, they could even mask their real number or pretend to be someone else entirely in the conversation.

What happens when you block someone on Android when you are browsing the Internet? You are probably familiar with the idea that some websites are restricted when it comes to certain applications.


thing about web browsers is that they are also limited in the amount of things that they can perform.

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When you try to access a site that is not allowed by the browser, you will likely find that the site does not load properly.

If you try to go beyond the allowed area and enter areas that are restricted, you might find that you are unable to view the media content at all.

What happens when you block someone on Android if you get a call from them? This is a common scenario that people have experienced.

If you get a call from someone, but do not want to give them your personal information, you may think that you can simply ignore the call.

However, you may find that your information is transferred over to a number that does not have your permission in the first place.

When you consider what happens when you block someone on Android this way, it is clear that there are many issues with this approach.

Fortunately, there is a much better approach to this problem. There are programs that make it very easy to browse the web while still maintaining your privacy and blocking unwanted individuals from getting your phone.

A mobile web browser is an application that can be installed right onto your mobile phone, allowing you to access the same types of sites that you would on a computer, but without having to worry about where your information is going or whether it is being tracked.

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The next time you need to know what happens when you block someone on Android, consider using this type of program.

It is important to keep in mind that this type of program should only be used by those who want to stay anonymous and avoid any potential privacy issues. After all, your phone serves as a portal between your family and you.

By giving others access to this information, you could open up a whole can of problems that could negatively affect you and your family.

In order to get the most out of these types of services and software, it is often wise to research the different companies and models available before making your final decision.

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