What Happens When You Block A Number On Android?

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What happens when you block a certain number on Android phones? Today, you can hardly find a person who does not use his or her smartphone to make and receive calls. Why? Simply put,

if you block a certain number from your Android phone, then the caller cannot contact you anymore. Phone calls don’t ring through to your cell phone,

they simply go straight to voicemail instead.

what happens when you block a number on android

Also, the blocked number would just be heard once again, followed by a message that informs you that your message was unsuccessfully sent.

What happens when you block a phone number? This is very common especially for people using android devices. How to unblock a particular number is actually not very difficult as well.

It’s just a matter of knowing how to block unwanted text messages from being sent to you.

If you want to block unwanted text messages from being sent to you, then you need an android blocking system first. There are already some available in the market.

This type of blocking system is what happens when you block a number from your mobile phone. You just have to install the application and let it run.

The application needs to be rooted. So, you may have to download and install the Android blocking system first.

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Another question that you may ask yourself when trying to figure out what happens when you block a number on android is: what happens to my phone bill? It doesn’t matter, since you can still pay your monthly phone bill using your credit card online at any retail store that accepts credit cards. However, you can also get your monthly bill this way if you prefer.

You can also block any number whenever you like too.

There are also other concerns about what happens when you block a number on android.

Since blocking unwanted calls can affect other phone features such as calleriessnagging and vibrating alert, some apps might not work anymore after you block them. But this is a problem with a few apps.

The majority of the apps will continue working as usual.

It’s just that certain apps might stop working after you blocked them.

So, basically the answer to the question what happens when you block a number on android is a combination of the two methods.

You can either do it with the third-party apps or by root.


you choose to use the third-party apps, you can either use the android system setting or look up the phone’s manual.

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When you use the android system setting, you basically need to reboot your phone and then clear all the data and settings.

This will clear up all the settings on your phone including the blocking option.

Then, use the email messaging apps that allows you to send text messages to blocked numbers.

So, if you receive a text message from someone you do not want to talk to, simply reply “do not disturb” or “save me a text”.

This should prevent the person from calling you again. But, if it doesn’t work, then you can call the person back yourself.

Basically, the two methods are effective in keeping unwanted callers away from your phone.

However, as mentioned before, you need to make sure that you are using the right one for the right situation.

The first method may be the right choice for a random person whose last number you do not recognize or whose sms are really old. On the other hand,

if you think that you are receiving constant calls from the same number, then SMS blocking is probably the best option for you.

In either case, you can find out the real person behind those callers by either reading his or her sms messages or by logging into his or her sms account to see what messages are he or she was sending you.

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