What Happens When Someone Blocks You on Whatsapp?

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What happens when someone blocks you on whatsapp is a scenario that everyone should be aware of. A recent incident that made the news was when a student blocked an engineering major on campus because he didn’t agree with the way the professor spoke about one of his assignments. The student did not want to take the assignment and instead turned around to say he didn’t want to do it. What happened when this happened on what is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable social network like Facebook is that the person lost respect for everyone on the team and it now seemed that they were blocking anyone who was different from them.

If you are using what is essentially a free messaging platform to get to know people or to stay in touch, then you need to know what happens when someone blocks you on whatsapp. Even if the communication is not all that serious, such as an everyday chat with your best friend, there are some serious repercussions that could occur if the other person continues to post things about you online. Whether it’s a status update or a picture, if someone continues to block you, then there are serious problems.

So what does one do when they discover that their phone is missing from the house? Many people use their cell phone as their primary method of contact so they will go to a different phone and use that. Unfortunately, that means that they are no longer able to see their friends on the social network and they can’t reach them on the phone anymore. You may wonder how this will affect your school work. It will likely have a very negative effect since you won’t be able to access what is happening on the Internet anymore. It also means that there is a possibility of someone using your school phone to do things behind your back and steal your information.

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When you find out what happens when someone blocks you on whatsapp, you may be relieved. But then again, you have to consider what could happen if he or she was to take your computer away from you. You would probably be in a world of trouble, along with the person that is blocking you. They would be able to spy on you and see what you are doing on your computer. They might even be able to find out what websites you visit or what pictures you look at.


if you are asking what happens when someone blocks you on whatsapp, then you have to consider whether or not the two of you can keep your account open. Since this is a common problem with messaging services, many people have become accustomed to being unable to log into their accounts when they are gone. This can be a real problem if you need to access funds from your account or you want to change your password. Since most messaging services are paid services, there is usually a fee for your account.

You also have to consider whether or not you want to pay for a third party solution. There are a number of companies that provide computer security for your internet use. They charge a monthly fee for the service but they can help you get into your account when you cannot. They may also be able to reset the password of your account when you forget it or just change the IP address of your computer.

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As you can see, there are a number of concerns with what happens when someone blocks you on Whatsapp. There is really no point in having an internet connection if you are not going to be able to use it. Even if you have prepaid internet access, you should still use it regularly. If your account is constantly being blocked, you should move on to another service provider. The prepaid internet plans may not offer any protection if the site is continually being blocked.

Another thing you should consider is what happens when someone blocks you on whatsapp when you are not online. This can be a very serious issue because there are some sites that allow you to send and receive messages while offline. If this situation applies to you, then you should move on to another internet provider. However, if you can use the internet when offline and you are blocked, then you may want to consider the benefits of blocking someone you do not know from receiving your messages. It may be better than dealing with someone who is threatening and harassing you on the phone or sending you obscene messages over the internet.

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