What Does Two Checks Mean On Whatsapp? Find Out!

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Two weeks ago I received an email from a user named Jason stating that he was confused as to what does two checks mean on whatsapp. He had sent an SMS to one of the members of our team saying that he was late for work and needed to fix something before his shift starts. We replied to his message advising him that two weeks was a normal length of time for a messaging error on whatsapp and that he should send back his SMS as soon as possible. About an hour later we got another message from Jason stating that he had sent us a message saying that he was not late but had sent two messages. This confused us as to what does two years on whatsapp mean?

It is now two and a half years since I first signed up on Facebook and I have spent the last year trying to find a way to use this new service to send me money through a payment gateway without having to send a text message like I used to have to do in the beginning. This was a problem I faced myself many times over the last few months. My bank would either not allow me to send payments through their system or I would have to send a postcard payment through them which was much more time consuming than I wanted it to be. So I started searching for a solution to send money through a Payment Gateway without sending a text message. My main priority was to get some sort of proof that my account was still valid on the social networking site.

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About a week after my last text message to Jason I was sent a message saying that my balance was still good. So I decided to go to the place my balance was registered on and double check that my balance was still correct. After I did this I realised that it might be worth getting rid of that old mobile phone so I transferred my account over to a new phone that was also linked to a PayPal account.

About two weeks later Jason and I were talking on the phone about my balance not being correct. I asked him what does two checks mean on whatsapp and he told me that it meant that I had been active on the social network for 2 whole weeks. The funny part is that I had not mentioned these things to Jason in any way before he called me two weeks after I had stopped using the internet.


we finished the phone call I realized that there was no point in trying to explain what does two checks mean on whatsapp because when I tried explaining it to Jason he would not understand. He then went on to tell me that he had transferred his money into his new PayPal account and would be sending me a check in a few days. Well needless to say I called him again to clarify that I did not want a check because that was only going to give me a hard time. He then asked me what does two years on the internet mean. Well I gave him all the technical details and explained to him that I was going to purchase a new laptop just to keep up with all the technology and use it everyday to make money through the internet.

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That night I went to sleep and the next morning I informed my husband of my decision. He was not happy because he thought that I should have spent more money on the laptop. Well the next day I informed him that the transfer was not done because I could not find a PayPal account in my old address book. We went back and forth on the problem for another two weeks. My husband finally said that he understood what two years on the internet means and that he would transfer the money if I wanted.

That is when I learned what does two checks mean on whatsapp. Apparently my husband now understands that I am trying to save some money, so maybe the transfer wasn’t a good idea after all. I now have two year old computers that I am not using so I don’t need the internet anymore!

If you are like me you are probably asking yourself what does two years on the internet mean? Two years is a long time to be without the internet. My recommendation would be to start looking for a website that offers a PayPal account. Then you can just log in whenever you want and make purchases without having to worry about PayPal. You will also be able to transfer money from your bank to your PayPal account and use it just like you would your normal bank account.

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