What Does Online Mean On Whatsapp?

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What does online mean on whatsapp? This is one of the frequent questions users raise when they are using internet to chat with their friends. The answer is: everything. It’s a type of protocol or messaging used by mobile phone operators all over the world.

Basically, it’s an online form of communicating using your computer. You may wonder what does online mean on whatsapp if you are not a computer expert or an Internet savvy person. It simply means that when you see a message on your friend’s mobile phone screen, it is an online message. It may also be in a form of SMS, short for Short Message Service, which is a series of digital signs that let people know about messages that have been received. It has grown to be a very popular means of communication today.

Some services let you browse the messages one by one and you can even download them to your own PC for keeping them handy. Or else, you can use the online web browsing facility of the service provider. It allows you to go through the messages that the other person sent you. When you browse, you will see some familiar websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace among others. But other websites like adult websites and those related to gambling, are not allowed.

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While using online chat, it is important that you choose your personal name as your username. Also, you must choose a unique number as your user id. As soon as you have logged in to the online chat service, you should check your message history to make sure you haven’t erased any online chats or messages from before you logged in. This would be good practice as it prevents you from being caught unaware. In case you have forgotten your user name or password, you would lose all your online chat activities.

While using the online chat, don’t forget to clear out your browser’s browsing cache and history as these may also affect your online chat session. As an internet user, it is very much necessary that you take note of all the websites and internet sites that you visit and transact business with. As you do so, there is always a possibility that your computer could be infected with malicious programs. These programs may steal your private and financial information. It would be a great pity if something terrible were to happen to the accounts you have. Hence, always make sure your browsing software has a security tool to detect and clean any possible spyware programs present on your system.

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an internet user, you should always be cautious of whom you associate with. In this regard, what does online on whatsapp mean? Well, as you are chatting with someone online, the chances are that you would share confidential things. Such things like your bank account numbers, social security numbers, and other crucial personal data may get into wrong hands. So, never talk to strangers while using online chat as you never know who might be eavesdropping or stealing your personal details.

Last but not the least; make sure you are signed up with a secure online dating website. This is because hackers and scammers tend to target people who are unsecured. If you want to avoid such situations, then go for a dating site that offers a lot of security features. As such, you can chat with potential dates without worrying about your personal safety.

So, what does online on whatsapp mean? As a general rule, you need to be extra careful when participating in online chats. However, you can chat away as long as you do it safely. In the end, it would be good if you would learn how to protect your online session from the malicious attackers by installing a good antivirus program and keep a good firewall in place.

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