What Does Following Mean on Instagram?

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So you’ve decided to follow the thousands of Instagram users all over the world and upload your images to your page. Congratulations! You’re just a few clicks away from building an audience of followers who will eagerly anticipate your every photo update. The only thing left now is how to get your page set up properly, and how to keep your followers coming back for more. Here’s what you need to know.

The first rule is pretty simple. Do not ever promote or advertise your business or links directly to your photos on Instagram. Everyone knows that if you are seen, you are potentially losing potential customers forever. As such, Instagram has recently implemented a system that restricts direct images from certain businesses and allows only hashtags referring to your page.

That being said, it’s not impossible to market your business effectively with Instagram. There are many companies out there who have created beautiful and engaging ad campaigns using the platform. Just make sure that you follow the regulations laid out by Instagram and that you provide your followers with valuable content. If you don’t provide anything of value, they’ll go elsewhere for that.

Another important point to remember is that this strategy works best if you offer real value to your followers. If you constantly try to sell to them, they’ll lose interest very quickly. Be helpful, be informative, be interesting… but stay away from trying to sell at all costs. Once people start following you, it’s going to be difficult to break them off.

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So how do you get followers to switch over? The simplest way is by starting an engaging conversation with them. Ask questions and share insightful information with your followers. Build genuine relationships with those in your niche so that they will be sure to pass along your updates to their followers. Then, when you upload a picture, provide some information that can be of use to your followers.

You may also want to take the time to write interesting articles and create content rich in links to your site. When you upload an image, provide a link to the article so that your followers can easily read what you have written. If you can, try not to be too promotional. That would take away from the experience that your followers would be having.

Another way to get more followers is by promoting related products. For example, if you sell shirts, then promote other products related to shirts. The more that you promote related products, the better. Also, try not to spam. Spamming can drive away potential customers. Instead, build a relationship with people and they will come back for more.


you haven’t already uploaded an image onto your page, then it’s time to do so. The more images that you upload, the more your followers will see you. They will also start to feel like a part of what you’re doing on instagram and that will help you build a strong reputation. Once your page is established, you can invite friends and family to follow you on instagram as well.

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Make sure that when you upload a photo, it is appropriately tagged. Never just put a generic term like “Good” or “Great.” Include the person’s name in the title and the post will have more credibility. The best thing to do is to use keywords in your tags, as this will help your image get found faster.

One of the fastest ways to gain followers is to share images on your page. If your followers are keen on what you upload, chances are that they will also be keen on promoting it. Simply tap the button for the image and then tell your followers how to share it.

If you aren’t seeing many followers, then you’re either losing followers or not promoting your page correctly. In order to get more followers, focus on what instills emotion. For example, if you’re into a certain sport, you should look at pictures from related events or people who are involved in the sport. This will increase your chances of gaining even more followers on what does following means on Instagram.

When you are using instagram as a business tool, make sure that you keep your customers in mind. If you constantly promote your page, then you will be losing potential followers. It is important to focus on customer service and showing your customers that you care about them and what they have to say. That way, your customers will think highly of you and be more likely to recommend you to others.

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