What Does “Basta” Mean on Twitter?

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The hashtag “#basta” means “enough” in Spanish and is used to call out sex predators. The word means to fill a plate with food.

It’s not a common hashtag, but if someone fills your plate to the brim, it means enough.

It’s not a popular hashtag, but it does have an important meaning. It means that your plate is full, so you should stop.

“Basta” is an Italian word that means “enough” or “this has to stop”. The verb is derived from the Latin word bastare, which means “to stop.”

During the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton often tweeted about her client’s immigration policies, claiming that Trump had “bastad” her.

But what does this term mean on Twitter? It’s not a word you want to use casually, as the meaning is a bit ambiguous.

If you’re looking for a way to make your tweets more personal and inflammatory, use #basta.

If it’s something like “basta,” you’re doing it wrong if you’re using it to promote an un-American or sexy political candidate.

It’s best to use a broader hashtag or phrase to make sure it’s not a bad idea to talk about your case online.

Basta can mean anything. It can be used as an infinitive or a noun. The last time I looked, the FBI searched Michael Cohen’s office, so people started using basta to express contempt and refusal of his actions.

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The Italians also use it to refer to “the day of reckoning” as a phrase for those who are “stupid.” If you’re wondering what the heck basta means on Twitter, read on.

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