What did LENCHO think of the post office employees (Right answer is here)

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DO you want to get the answer to what did Lencho think of the post office employees? Before knowing the correct answer let me tell you that have you heard the story called ‘A letter to God’ because the above question is related to a specific story i.e.

A letter to God? so if you’ve heard that story then you will also know about this question.

Never mind, today I’m going to answer the question, What did Lencho think about the post office employees? Just read this post completely till the end.

What did lencho think of the post office employees

Lencho is a character in the Story ‘A letter to God.

He wrote a letter to God requesting 100 pesos because he strongly believes in God.

When Lencho received only 70 pe pesos in the envelope, he thought/assumed that post office employees had withdrawn 30 pesos from his account, which God had sent to him.

Lencho thought that the post office employees were dishonest and they took the rest 30 pesos that were sent by God.

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Hence he called the post office employees “a bunch of crooks”.

Lencho called the post office employees “a bunch of crooks” because he thought that they have taken the rest of money (30 pesos) that God had sent to him.

He also thought that God could not deny him post office employees took rest of money so he called them a bunch of crooks.

Lencho became sad when he didn’t receive the total amount of money in the envelope.

He hoped that God will be there to help him.  As a result, he referred to them as a gang of culprits.

Who is Lencho? Moral of the story A letter to God

The story A letter to God written by GL Fuentes enforces our faith in humanity.

After reading the story, we know that there still are people who help each other without any self-interest.

Here, the postmaster of a post office and postal employees lay an example of humanity and kindness for others.

First, they all laughed at Lencho’s letter to god because they knew that there was no such person but they were really moved by Lecho’s faith in God.

They decided to help him to keep his faith alive and firm.

Even though it was not possible for them to collect hundred pesos but anyhow they managed to collect seventy pesos and kept them in an envelope for Lencho.

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signed on it “God” except their own name.

This act shows us the true picture of humanity and motivates us to be noble and kind people.

Important Question and Answer related to the Story A letter to God

What did LENCHO think of the post office employees - Right answer is here


Who is lencho


Moral of the story A letter to God

Today we get the right answer of the question What did LENCHO think of the post office employees.

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