What Did Dee Nguyen Say on Twitter?

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The Challenge has cut ties with Dee Nguyen after the Australian contestant’s recent tweets about Black Lives Matter.

The actress made the controversial comments while protesting the death of George Floyd,

who was arrested by Officer Derek Chauvin and forced to stand on the ground for nine minutes. After an independent autopsy, it was determined that Floyd died of asphyxiation.

As a result of the backlash, the show has terminated its relationship with the former reality TV star.

What did dee Nguyen say on Twitter

The actress made the controversial statements regarding the Black Lives Matter movement on Twitter, which caused a backlash.

After being publicly accused of racism, she later apologized. Fans of the show also took to social media to voice their frustration. Some have claimed that she is a fake who uses her social media accounts to vilify black people.

However, others said that Dee Nguyen’s tweets aren’t indicative of her character on the show.

Regardless of the backlash, the star is now in the spotlight again. Bayleigh Dayton took screenshots of Dee Nguyen’s controversial tweets, which she shared with the world. In an effort to gain public sympathy, she has apologized for her offensive tweets.

MTV has since decided to re-air the current season of MTV’s Teen Mom, which has a black cast and an Asian mother.

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After being fired from MTV for her racist tweets, Dee Nguyen has hired an entertainment lawyer, Matthew McCormick, who has worked with BLVK Management, a company that produces reality shows.

While the tweets were controversial, MTV is still working with her to try and correct her image. After the episode of the show, Dee has apologized, claiming that her words were hurtful.

The show’s black castmates are also furious with Dee Nguyen. MTV fired her for her comments and subsequently apologized to her black co-stars.

She’s also apologized for her offensive tweets on Twitter, saying she regrets her behavior and has “regretted” her ex-husband’s remarks.

Despite her apology, she’s already been fired from her job, but the drama hasn’t been completely resolved.

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