What Can an iPhone Do That an Android Can’t?

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Are you asking yourself what can an iphone do that an android can’t? Well, if you are here is the simple answer, it can do what an iPhone can do but better. Most android phones have limited applications available. Applications are the one of the biggest reasons people upgrade to an android phone. There are thousands of applications available for an android but are only a few of them top notch.

what can an iphone do that an android cant

The reason the apps are so good is because of the open source software that allows them to be developed and modified. If you were to go to an Android store and look at all the applications available you will see that most of them are the same run over the same basic code. Now an iPhone has the advantage of not having to deal with any open source applications but that does not mean that an iPhone cannot be modified to have your own applications. It just means that you need an iPhone. In this article I am going to show what can an iphone do that an android can’t.

We all know that the Android operating system is based on Linux. That is what makes it so popular because it allows developers to write applications that are available for free. As well as the fact that they don’t need to charge for applications, it also means that the developer of an app has more control over the app. The iPhone on the other hand needs to have some kind of operating system to run their applications in order to run properly. So what can an iPhone do that an android cannot?

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One of the big differences between an iPhone and an Android is that the iPhone has a lot more memory. While Android does not have as much memory they are both similar to one another in that they both use the Android Open Source code to develop their applications. If you want to download applications that are available for free you will have to use the Android browser which requires a Java plugin and will slow down your internet connection.

An iPhone has been widely panned by many critics because they are not as good as some of the other cell phones out there. One example would be the Amazon Kindle which uses the Amazon servers to allow reading books and downloading ebooks. These services require very little storage and run on the airwaves so they aren’t as competitive as many of the other apps that are available for the android market.


many believe that the iPhone is better than the Android, I would have to say that the iPhone runs a lot smoother and has more features available than the android. For example the iPhone has access to Wifi which is available on most android phones. This service can help you access applications when you travel if your phone doesn’t have wifi or you don’t like paying for a monthly subscription for wifi hotspots.

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The iPhone also allows users to read and send text messages to other people on the internet. You can also check your email on your android phone which is something that the android doesn’t currently allow you to do. These two features are what can an iPhone do that an android cannot.

There are many different applications that can be downloaded for free on the internet but they are usually not as user friendly as the ones that are available for purchase on the iPhone. Some of these applications can be used on any type of android phone but some will work better on certain models. This is another reason why the iPhone is considered to be better than the android. You will also find that iPhones have more storage space than any android phones.

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