Website Layout Ideas And Modern Designs

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website layout ideas

Single Column Web Design is one of the most popular website layout ideas today. It is also known as flat design. It makes the most use of space available and makes a pleasant and fluid experience when navigating through your website. However, there are certain pros and cons you should be aware of before deciding on this particular website layout. Let us take a closer look at the pros and cons of this layout.

Single Column Website Layout Ideas A single column website layout ideas is very common as it is a fairly simple and basic method to present the content to your visitors. This layout concept for website is quite an easy one and is very easy for readers to navigate. Readers will just simply scroll down to look more details on your site. The use of white space gives your site a clean, uncluttered appearance. It is also appreciated because it makes navigation easier.

Another pro of single column website layout ideas is that it is very effective when displaying lots of information on a few columns. For instance, many websites use this layout in their photo galleries. Blog pages, e-commerce sites and other websites with plenty of information on a few columns make it visually appealing and user-friendly. It is also appreciated because it saves a lot of space and it does not consume too much bandwidth.

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Single Column Split Screen

One of the best website layout ideas, split screen viewing is also very effective and quite popular among many readers today. If you have images, videos or any other multimedia on your site then using a single column layout will be very ideal. You can easily drag the items on one side of the screen and drop them on the other side. This is also a very effective method to present a split screen image, especially if your images are large.

grid & Columnar Website Layouts

Using grid and column layouts is also one of the best website layout ideas. These layouts make it possible for you to present large photos or video files and other media on small or large screens. You can easily create a grid and place it at the top or bottom of your page. There are many website layouts that use grids and columns to get a smooth, wire frame type look.


main benefit to these type of layouts is that they offer a quick way to present the main content without overwhelming the viewer’s eyes. They also provide the ability to change the size of the grid easily. They are very popular with people who are creating professional designs or looking for the best website layouts for business or personal use. Changing the size of the grid is very easy and it only takes a few seconds to do so. You can also add extra graphics or videos as long as you can fit them within the limits of your website layout.

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Varying Visual Weight

Another of the best website layout ideas is to vary the visual weight of your elements according to their importance. When doing so, you will find that it creates an easier on the eye graphic element for the viewer. This will make it easier to convey information about your content. For example, you can add more black text on white background. This will communicate the idea that the article is about real-life examples.

It is important to remember that websites are not static. They always change and you must be able to adapt to that. One way to make use of this is to choose layouts that change often. Websites that change frequently use different types of layouts at different times. Some websites keep the same layout most of the time and others change it often. This is one of the reasons why website designers continue to innovate as they constantly redesign websites to incorporate new ideas into their designs.

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