23+ Best URL Shorter Sites To Create SEO Bridge

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An url is always longer than it should be? No, not at all. It depends on the context of the site where it is used. Many sites are using very good practices to make sure their URLs are as short as possible with meaning for user friendliness.

Like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and many others are adding “t.co” before all urls in short version so that they can provide better experience to users because most users do not like typing long URLs with letters, numbers, dots and many more symbols.

Best URL Shorter Sites To Create SEO Bridge

Also, the use of urls with full form like :http://www.thedomain.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article=987 are not suitable for good practices in SEO because it will be very difficult to get indexed by search engines to rank high in SERPs .

URL shortening is a process by which you can make a long URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in the internet to become a short & small one so it will be easy for you to remember and copy in your browser’s address bar.

Using a simple URL shortner is an excellent idea to save your valuable time and energy while sharing content from one website to another and also from one social media platform to another as you do in Twitter or Facebook which uses hashtags for example #wordstoliveby and #lovelyquotes etc..

Using long URLs won’t make any sense at all because you should remember and type the short version to post it in 140 characters limit of Twitter posts.

What Is SEO Bridge

A search engine optimization (SEO) bridge is a web page that work as bridge middle of your webpage and Search Engine Bots.

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It’s created mainly for the purpose of adding more pages to your site in order to increase its ranking by creating a more comprehensive profile for you site.

You know that when you share anything online, your friends will just look for the link of the web page where you published your text, images or videos. And this is a main reason why we love this thing called “URL Shorter”. It helps us stay safe online because any unwanted person will not be able to search through your personal pictures and videos by using this link.

On the other hand, you can distribute links with your brand name using branded links (also called customized short URLs or vanity URLs). This kind of personalized link has been shown to enhance your click rate by up to 39%.

Benefits Of Using URL Shorter Sites In SEO

  • It Increase the referring domain to your blog or site.
  • Can use to Convert Direct traffic to referral traffic.
  • Also Help to Increase domain authority.
  • help search engine to trust on your Web-page because most URL Shorter Site are High DA , PA.

Here are some best websites for creating SEO bridge between two different web pages.

#1 bitly URL Shortner

Domain Authority : 93
Page Authority : 76

Bitly is a free service which also works on many other social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook , Google+, etc.. The thing that makes it different than URL.

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This website offers a user-friendly design for managing all your shortened URLs, but most important point about this URL shortening site is that you can share your links on every single page or blog which clearly shows how good it will be for SEO ranking.

#2LinkedIn URLShortner

Domain Authority : 79
Page Authority : 60

Using a LinkedIn URL shortner, you may boost your brand, distinguish yourself from the competition by quickly sharing or resuming LinkedIn’s profile link on your card.

Only a very few users have made measures to construct a URL shortner for LinkedIn. So most LinkedIn URLs seem pretty much the same. You are therefore separated from other users by utilizing a custom URL. This also makes your coworkers and prospective employers look more professional. When sending emails for professional or corporate purposes, you can can add your unique URL to your email signature.

The advantages of employing a LinkedIn URL shortner also include search engine optimization (SEO). The readability of text is an important aspect in SEO. Custom URLs are shorter and do not contain too many specific characters, which enhance the readability of your profile and raise your SEO.

#3Twitter URLShortner

Domain Authority : 93
Page Authority : 80

Twitter is a strong social media marketing medium. Connections that are post on Twitter are shortened automatically by Twitter URL shortner, t.co. But you lose your brand name by using the Twitter URL shortner, because Twitter is not your domain.

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The Twitter-shared links including direct messages links will be processed automatically and shortened into a http://t.co link.

You don’t have to go to an external website to decrease the URL if you don’t have to track URLs. When a URL is inserted into a tweet or direct message, Twitter shortens it to http://t.co links automatically. If a link is shortened to t.co, you can utilize it to access the destination URL.

If you have identified the URL of a site you post as potentially dangerous, Twitter will generate a warning.

#4Terminusapp Link Shortner

Domain Authority : 48
Page Authority : 36

To help you build branded urls, Terminus works with your custom domain. Share beautifully-looking Twitter, Facebook and other social media URLs.

terminusapp is not only a link shortner platform All-in-one UTM Builder and Link Management Platform.

HTTPS for your own domain can even be enabled for visitors’ security and privacy.

Best URL Shortner To Create SEO Bridge With High Domain Authority , Page Authority And Low Spam Score

URL’s Shorter Sites DA PA Spam Score Account Necessary
https://bitly.com/ 93 76 3% No
https://www.shorturl.at/ 68 55 8% No
https://cutt.ly/ 81 61 2% No
https://free-url-shortener.rb.gy/ 64 47 8% No
https://www.shorturl.at/ 68 55 8% No
https://tinyurl.com/ 94 81 1% No
https://short.io/ 30 49 1% Yes
https://www.pixelme.me/ 37 32 5% No
https://www.rebrandly.com/ 85 57 1% No
https://www.bl.ink/ 50 49 1% Yes
Ow.ly 90 69 Use Hootsuite
https://usehyperlink.com/ 27 34 1% Yes
T.co 93 80 No
https://www.clickmeter.com/ 57 54 1% Yes
https://cutt.ly/ 81 61 2% No
https://clkim.com/ 35 42 1% Yes
Tiny.cc 89 67 24% Yes
https://v.gd/ 58 58 38% No
https://n9.cl/en 56 35 10% No
https://smallseotools.com/url-shortener/ 57 49 2% No
https://www.duplichecker.com/url-shortener.php 51 36 2% No
https://linklyhq.com/ 41 38 Yes
https://www.golinks.io/ 32 43 1% Yes
https://shorte.st/ 60 55 13% No
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In other words, using URL shortening sites is not just about making long url shorter. It’s much more than that. The use of these tools gives you the ability to measure how effective and popular your content is among users, which in turn will help you make adjustments on what needs improvement in the future.

By doing this process regularly, you can see a big change in the way people view your site as well as generate traffic to it with time.

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