Top 10 Free Fire Rarest Bundles

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Launched in 2017 Garena Free Fire has become one of the most trending battle games in the world.

The game has crossed billions of new downloaders in just three years and has millions of active users.

The Elite Pass is the most popular item in Free Fire.

The concept of Elite Pass is the first reason to gain so much fame in a short span of time.

If you buy an Elite Pass, you will get premium items, and in that premium item, you will also get an item known as a bundle.

This item is nothing but a complete set of outfits for your character.

Many Free Fire players purchase the Elite Pass to obtain these bundles.

The theme of these bundles and outfits is based on the theme of the Elite Pass.

For example, Free Fire has launched several bundles; There are some hip hop bundles, samurai theme bundles, and more.

In this great article, we will discuss Free Fire’s Top 10 Rare Bundles, These bundles are Free Fire’s most rare and epic bundles, and only players who have been playing Free Fire since Season 1 will have these rare bundles.

List of Top 10 Rare Bundles of Free Fire

Here is a list of Garena Free Fire’s top 10 rare bundles:

free fire rarest bundle names launch event name
electric shock bundle Firestorm Diamond Royal Event
Iron Blade Bundle top-up event
purple shadow bundle Mystery Shop 5.0 Event
samurai bundle zombie samurai incident
golden shade bundle incubator event
bundle of dino booty crate
breakdance bundle Breakdance Diamond Royal Event
hip hop bundle season 2 elite pass
sakura bundle Sakura Diamond Royal Event
green criminal Top Green Criminal Bundle Events
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these are all rarest bundle in free fire, Below are the detailed information of all these bundles.

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1.Electric shock bundle

electric shock bundle

Electric Shock Bundle is one of the rare bundles in Free Fire
The first bundle on our list is the Electric Shock Bundle.

Garena Free Fire launched this bundle in Season 2.The most impressive part of this bundle is her character’s hair.

When you apply this bundle on your pot, you will see shiny golden hair.

The entire outfit is based on the robot style and has golden lines on it, which are stunning.

This outfit is one of the rarest outfits since it was launched long ago, and what makes this outfit all the more attractive is the character’s hair.

This costume was also shown for the second time in the Ludo event.

2.Iron Blade Bundle

The rarest bundle in Iron Blade Free Fire

Iron Blade Bundle at Diamonds Royal Event
The Iron Blade bundle also comes in one of the rare bundles in Free Fire.

The specialty of the iron-bladed bundle is its ponytail hair.

This hair is suitable with many other bundles.

Also the theme of this bundle is Samurai.

In this bundle you will find ponytail style hair with red mask, jacket, trousers and shoes.

Also Garena Free Fire has featured this bundle 2 – 3 times in the game, but many players didn’t collect this bundle.

3.Purple Shadow Bundle

Free Fire Rare Purple Shade Bundle

purple shadow bundle
The third bundle on our list is one of Free Fire’s most famous and rare bundles, known as Purple Shade.

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This bundle is based on the Korean anime.

In this bundle you will get white hair, a mask, a jacket, a pair of pants and shoes.

However, the best part of this bundle is its hair and coat.

You can use this hair with any bundle and from the back of the jacket it creates a purple smoke which adds to the character.

4.Samurai Bundle

samurai bundle

samurai bundle with thong
As the name suggests, this bundle theme is based on Samurai.

This is one of the most unique and great bundles of Free Fire.

This bundle is famous for its amazing masks.

The mask of this bundle makes the character more dangerous.

5.Golden Shade Bundle

golden shade bundle

Golden Shade Bundle at Incubator Event
Golden Shade Bundle is one of the most unique and great bundles ever launched in Free Fire.

This bundle is most famous for its golden glowing tattoos on the character’s body.

These shiny tattoos make the characters more spectacular.

6.Bundle of Dino

bundle of dino

Galaxy Dino Bundle Event
At the Galaxy Dino Bundle event, there were about six bundles that were offered by the Free Fire developers.

The names of these bundles were Diwali Dino, Blue Dino, Tiger Dino, Denim Dino and Yellow Dino.

The rarest of all these bundles was the Blue Dino Bundle.

Free Fire launched this bundle in Season 1, which is why it is one of the rarest bundles in Free Fire.

All six bundles of dino were part of the Free Fire Incubator, which is why Free Fire removed them after a certain period of time.

In Free Fire, the Denim Dino Bundle is the most sought after, and that’s why it was the hardest bundle to redeem.

7.Breakdance Bundle

breakdance bundle

Breakdance bundle at the Diamond Royal event.
The Breakdance Bundle comes in at number seven on our list.

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This bundle is also one of the rare Free Fire bundles, as Garena launched this bundle at a much earlier stage of Free Fire.

As Free Fire initially launched this bundle, it was featured in Gold Royale.

When Free Fire was founded, they gave bundles and other epic items in gold royal, but now you can’t find stuff like this there.

8.Hip Hop Bundle

hip hop bundle

Hip Hop Bundle as a reward in the Season 2 Elite Pass
One of the rarest and most sought after bundles in Free Fire India is Hip Hop Bundle.

Garena launched this bundle in the Season 2 Elite Pass of Free Fire.

This bundle includes a hat, a scarf, a pink T-shirt, a pair of pants and a pair of shoes.

As the name suggests, the theme of this bundle is based on the hip-hop trend.

Many players still use this bundle when playing Free Fire Squad competitions.

9.Sakura Bundle

sakura bundle

Sakura Bundle at Diamond Royal Event
The Sakura Bundle is the rarest in Garena Free Fire.

Garena launched this legendary bundle in the first season of Free Fire.

Only players who have played Free Fire from the first season have this awesome bundle.

Also, this bundle was the most sought after as it was the first bundle in the Free Fire game.

Sakura Bundle is based on Chinese tradition.

This bundle is specially made for both male and female characters.

10.Green Criminal Bundle

The rarest bundle in Green Criminal Free Fire

top green criminal bundle
Green Criminal is one of the rarest bundles in Free Fire.

Only a few older Free Fire players own this bundle.

The Criminal Bundle consists of five bundles called the Disaster (red) bundle, the Trouble (purple) bundle, the Savage (blue) bundle, the Mischief (yellow) bundle, and the green criminal bundle.

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All these bundles are some of the rare bundles of Free Fire.

Since these bundles were also launched long back, the chances of getting them are slim.

In addition, Free Fire has added a Money Heist costume similar to the Disaster (Red) bundle.

Due to the similarities between these bundles, many players bought this Money Heist bundle.

Most Rare Bundle Garena Free Fire
You should know about:

FAQ – Free Fire Rarest Bundle

Which is the rarest bundle in Free Fire?

The Sakura Bundle is the rarest bundle in Free Fire, as it was the first bundle introduced in the game.

Plus, only a few players have this bundle, which makes it even more valuable.

How to get the rarest bundle in Free Fire?

The process of getting the rarest bundle is a bit tedious.

You can collect rare outfits only if you bought them at their official launch event.

All bundles in Free Fire launch in one event, and after some time, they become rare when Free Fire removes them from the game for other players.

How many rare bundles are in Free Fire?

Free Fire has over 25 rare bundles.

But, the names of the rarest bundles have already been mentioned in this article.

conclusion –

This was a list of the top 10 rare Free Fire bundles.

However, when Free Fire was not the famous all-in-one bundles were launched, these bundles have now become one of the rare and sought-after bundles.

Here is a list of these rare bundles:

  1. electric shock bundle
  2. Iron Blade Bundle
  3. purple shadow bundle
  4. samurai bundle
  5. golden shade
  6. bundle of dino
  7. breakdance bundle
  8. hip hop bundle
  9. sakura bundle
  10. Green Criminal Bundle

With every new Elite Pass, Free Fire launches its new bundles, but the previous bundle craze is always high.

Because of this craze, Free Fire has reintroduced some bundles at various events, but many players could not obtain them.

If you liked this post, do share it with your Free Fire friends and comment below which one is your favorite bundle from the above list.

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