Tips, Tricks and Settings for One Tap Headshot Free Fire

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One Tap Headshot Free Fire: Today in this post you will learn about One Tap Headshot Tricks.

You’ll learn how to hit a perfect headshot free fire game, There are a few simple steps you need to follow to set up Perfect Headshot in Free Fire.

Read this article till the end to know how you can make a perfect one tap headshot.

So guys first of all you should know about your mistakes where you lack to miss headshot (one tap).

Second, you have to be very patient and calm when you are targeting someone.

You have to look at your control settings, you should know what percentage we should put for normal and what percentage for red dot, and the next thing you need to know about position of all controlling buttons and next is How to make every shot look like a headshot (one tap).

The headshot also depends on the speed and size of your analog buttons.

So you have to know every aspect of shooting enemies in the head, so today I will mention every trick, try to understand it and make sure to practice for that, because for the first time, you can’t do a headshot (one tap).

For this you need a daily practice so understand every step of applying headshot.

Tips and Tricks for One Tap Headshot Free Fire

These are the following tricks, tips and settings for One Tap Headshot Free Fire:

1.Button size and sensitivity

Sensitivity and button size play a major role in aiming a tab headshot at the enemy’s head.

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That’s why it’s essential to know the best size and sensitivity to aim a tab headshot in Free Fire.

So, first, open your Free Fire game, and go to Settings, then in Sensitivity settings, apply the below settings:

real auto one tap headshot trick 100% working
  • Set the general sensitivity to 100.
  • Set the red dot sensitivity to 90.
  • Set the 2X scope sensitivity to 80.
  • Set the 4X scope sensitivity to 75.
  • Set sniper scope sensitivity to 70.
  • Set the free lock sensitivity to 80.

After applying these sensitivity settings, aiming at the enemy’s head will become easier.

You can also practice a tab headshot using these sensitivity settings in Free Fire’s Training Ground mode.

Let us now understand the importance of the fire button in a tab headshot.


free fire game you get two buttons to fire your gun and these fire buttons are very important in one tab headshot trick.

Therefore, you need to keep them in the right shape to work fast.

Open Settings again, click Customize, click the “Custom HUD” option, click the left Fire button, and set the Fire button size to 35 to 60.

The size should not be above 60 and not less than 35.

It should be between them so that the firing speed increases.

2.Putting Buttons

button up

Free Fire One Tab Headshot Trick #2
The fire buttons play an important role in a tab headshot setting.

Free Fire has two fire buttons, one on the left and the other on the right.

You can also move the fire button from bottom to top.

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So now the question arises that where to place the fire button at the top of the screen or at the bottom of the screen? So guys whenever you try to aim the headshot, the fire button should be at the bottom of the screen because we need a place to drag for the headshot, if we keep it on the top of the screen, we don’t want it up Why should we place the fire button at the bottom of the screen, so that we can have a place to drag to move the target toward the enemy’s head.

3.Fire Dot

fire dot trick for one tab headshot free fire

Free Fire One Tab Headshot Trick #3
Now we will learn how to make a headshot (one tap).

So at this point, you should concentrate a lot and read every word very honestly and understand everything.

Many people are confused about when to make a headshot, when the fire dot is in white, or when the fire dot is in red.

So, guys first of all, make sure that when you are away from the enemy, put a fire dot on the enemy and fire only when there is a red dot to aim the headshot.

If you are at or near the enemy the fire point should be white at that time, pull the fire button up and make a headshot.

However, if the fire dot is red in color when you are close, and you fire at it, you cannot make your shot a headshot because when you are close to the enemy, the bullet sticks to the body and behind it , so keep these things in your mind while taking a headshot (one tap).

Therefore, always keep some distance from the enemies.

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And now so many people are confused that we should use analog button or not?

When taking a headshot make sure that you should not use your analog button while making a headshot because when you use that button, the players move, and with that, the fire dot also moves so through it you Remembers headshots Make sure you’re not using the analog button when doing a headshot (one tap).

4.When to Fire

when to fire

Free Fire One Tab Headshot Trick #4
Last move but helpful, people were confused as to when to fire, causing the bullet to hit the enemy’s head directly.

So, whenever the enemy is moving, make sure to wait to stay in one position for a second because if they move, you miss the headshot, and the enemy misses the shot, at that time , you have to focus calmly and understand the enemy’s movement.

So whenever the enemy moves or jumps and when they are down and in a stable position, you can cast your shot which is the right time to headshot directly to the enemy head and one more thing whenever the enemy is away Yes, and you try to hit a headshot, make sure you pull the fire button slowly, and when the enemy is near you at the time, you pull furiously so that you aim directly at the enemy’s head .

free fire one tap headshot setting app

free fire one tap headshot setting app

free fire one tap headshot setting app guide
There are many apps available on google play store, which can guide you about the settings for a tab headshot.

You can also get custom One Tab headshot sensitivity from these apps.

Below are the steps to use One Tab Headshot App for Free Fire.

  • Open the Play Store, and search for “One Tab Headshot”.

    You will find the app on the first number, click on it and start installing.

    you can also click here for the direct link.

  • Now, open the app after installing, and on the main screen of the app, you will get three options.

    You have to select the second one, which is “One-Tap Tool”.

  • After that, you will get your device information.

    After that click on Next button.

  • Now, you will find a tab headshot sensitivity settings for your device.
  • Click the “Add to Free Fire” button to start using these settings.

After adding these sensitivity settings to your Free Fire game, it will increase the average body shot to headshot by 60%.

frequently Asked question –

Who Invented the One Tap Headshot in Free Fire?

M8N invented the one tap headshot technique in Free Fire, and he is a very skilled Free Fire player and a famous Youtuber.

He lives in Egypt, and his Free Fire ID is 608823917.

How to do a one tap headshot in Free Fire Desert Eagle?

Desert Eagle Free Fire has a new gun, and its damage is enormous.

If you want to hit a headshot from Desert Eagle, you need to copy the sensitivity settings of the expert players using this gun.

conclusion –

If you want to learn one tap headshot in Free Fire, then you need to follow and practice all these points mentioned in this article.

Of course, you can’t hit a perfect Tab headshot in just one day, but if you practice with the same sensitivity and settings, you can definitely do a Tab headshot trick in a few months.

I hope you liked our today’s article.

If you’ve gained some knowledge, share it with your Free Fire friends, so they can learn this “Free Fire One Tab Headshot” setting as well.

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