16 Things Must Follow Before Publishing Any Blog Post

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Blogging is not just to write many articles, Publish and start getting Traffic. It’s can be use a Business if you do it in a Right way.

Everything is that Successfull in internet have trust and Authority.

Let’s Think with a Example.

15 Things Must Follow Before Publishing Any Blog Post

Every Time Google launch a new Service it got Popular and Google don’t need invest for promoting those Service. Why ? Because People Trust on Google that’s why Ecommerce Site Amazon able to make millions of dollars each month .

It’s all depend on Trust and Authority.

But, It takes some time and patience.

Think that When Google Started no one know and trust on Google but Google never give up and Now Google Has High Authority.

If Google Give Up Or Not Work Properly Maybe it will not be a Most Popular Search Engine In Internet.

Like Google and Amazon Your blog is also your a product and you have to work properly and a right way without give up.

Many Blogger’s Write first 5-10 post’s very good and when they not get good results give up and loss Blog that can be Successful.

I Already Covered That What should you Follow before writing blog posts in previous article in this post I Will share Most Important Things That you should follow before publishing Blog Article

What To Do After Writing Blog Post

Below are some important things that you should follow after writing and before publishing Article to Blog.

1. Blog Post Title

Think and search a catch SEO friendly Article for Article.
You can Analyze your competitors blog article to understand what startegy you should use to get more clicks.
There are many SEO Title Generator And SEO Title Optimiser available on Internet to use free [Some Has Paid Plans].

2. Intro-Outro

Intro And Outro can be blog articles engaging material because many people read it.
If you have engaging Blog Intro And Outro Audience will not forget your blog that can be help to earn trust,links and Authority.
Try apply, Try Apply …

3. Keyword Integration

Don’t forget to check that you integrated Keyword properly in blog Post.
Use Keyword but don’t over Optimize to get ranking because it can be difficult for audience to understand.

Below are some Places you should use Keywords in Blog Article

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Post title
2. First 150 words of Article.
3. Last 100 words of Article.
4. Heading and subheadings.
5. URL.
6. Search Description.
7. Bold and italic characters.
8. Images .

4. Label OR Category

Chose Labels and Categories Related to Article don’t use unnecessary categories on Post.
WordPress Use Labels And Category both as different but not Blogger (Blogspot) Means In Blogspot Labels And Categories are Same.

5. Perform 10 Minutes Internal Linking Audit

Many People Don’t use this small but important SEO Practice . I Already Said On My Many Articles that Internal Linking Play Important role in SEO.
Don’t Forget To Follow it.
Also, Internal Linking Can Help to Rank Blog Articles Without Backlinks That’s why Don’t avoid it.

6. Confirm You Written In depth Article

Read again and again to clear that Article satisfy every type of audience.
2000+ words Article Get More engagement, Ranking and Shares.
Write In Depth Article that solve every queries and Questions of your Users.
Write Atleast 1000+ Words long Blog Post.
If You have News Blog 500+ Words Sufficient..

7. CTA

Don’t Forget To add CTA Button In Article it helps you a lot to increase mailing list.
E-mail’s are a powerful weapon in today’s Internet world .
If you have 1 Real and Niche Email you can earn atleast 100$ easily.

8. More Pictures Compared To Competitors

Compare with competitors and check you have more images compared to other Blogs that performing well.
Avoid CC Image Sites and Try To Create own catchy Blog images.

9. Videos Or Not

If videos available on YouTube or other sources related to publishing Article embed it.
Also , you can make own Video and then integrate to Blog Post.

10. TOC

Check you added table of contents on your article if not add immediately.
TOC helps search engine to featured on SERP and help users to jump on Article locations.

11. Permalink

Are you permalink is SEO Friendly, Short and Easily Understandable ?
Think, Change , Think , Apply…

12. Search Description

Search Description not very important because Google get results from Article and show in SERP.
But, it necessary because if you share article on various social sites they can read search Description.
If you don’t write search Description your blogs Default meta description will appear below Shared post content..

13. Internal & External Links

Think that you added Internal and external links.
Minimum 4 Interna links must add and add External links only if requirement.
Don’t herisist to add links on Article..

14. Use Many HTML Tags

Search Engine bots can read HTML Codes and Know The Priority of HTML tags In SEO to rank Articles.
Also, It can helps to write better and eye catching blog content that search and user will be impressed.

15. Check Grammar and spelling

Checking blog grammar and spelling necessary and you should do it.
Maybe, you are not familiar with blog language you are working don’t worry there are many tools available to use free.

16. Add FAQ

Add FAQ ( Frequently asked questions ) in the last of every blog post it help users to solve queries.
I Hope you will like this post if you have any queries and suggestions feel free to inform below Comment Box.
Also Do A Valuable Comment if you want to make some changes on this Post.
Keep In Touch 🙏🙏

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