18 Things Must Do After Publishing a New Blog Post

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Every New Blogger think that just write blog post and hit the publish button will achieve potential traffic and huge money. this is because many start blogging after watching some random videos that show thousands of dollar earning from blog.

But, When people do it, Realize that it’s not simple as taught. We have to follow many things before and after publish blog post to get Quality Traffic. There are many Bloggers that have hundreds of article on his/her Blogs not able to get at-least 100 views per day constantly (I truly wish it will!).
18 Things Must Do After Publishing a New Blog Post

That’s Why we should follow Things before and after Publish Blog post. Our All Efforts and time will waste if we don’t follow these must follow things.
If you blogs primary income source is adsense then you have need thousands of unique and quality views to earn money. but, it’s not easy for all to achieve it.
It doesn’t stop working once new blog posts are created and published. There are many other trivial things in the process that can help increase visibility and engagement. These tips will help you add value to every blog post you write.
We recommend bookmarking this page or using this guide to get your building checklist. We know this is a very valuable resource. Let me give you some advice.

Re-read and revise

Many times we make many mistakes due to writing in haste or many articles in 1 day, due to which good user experience is not available to our blog.
Always try to write the blog article in easy and user-attractive words, this will increase user engagement on your blog and users will come to your blog again and again.
Look at your article and try to keep the format of your article very good, at least compared to competitor.
Re-read your published article and check that there is no grammar mistake in it, so that your user will not see any wrong words of any kind.
If you can’t do it yourself, you can hire freelancer on Upwork, FiverrorAsk your team members to read it.

Verify you have done On page SEO

On-page basically a SEO practice that used to optimize blog or website pages to rank higher without doing any other external Practice.
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SEO necessary to be done while writing every copy of articles. according to my experience on page SEOis sufficient if you have time for ranking.
On-page SEOalso consider many factor that should follow it’s not just to stuff keywords and will rank.
there are many SEOstrategy that SEOexperts share to get fast result.
On-page SEOcan be done every blogger and content easily and not require any technical knowledge you just have to follow on-page SEOchecklist and as soon as you will start getting results.
I always recommended you to don’t forget to do internal linking, it helps a lot..

View And Check Everything working perfectly

Some time when we write article some small mistakes happens that not appear in article editor That’ Why we have to check it by view the published article.
There are many reasons that published article not appear perfectly such as use of java-script and CSS codes.
After you view the publish post you can check everything working right and if not you can update article so, user will not face any problem.

Compare With Competitor’s

If have competitor that article you just published then round-up and check Your Publish Post Have good user experience, solve all issue of reader, and Load very fast.
The More Sources such As Image, Graphics, Info-graphics and text you will add the more chances that it will help you.

Request Indexing to GSC

After writing the article, bloggers like you and I have the same problem that our articles are not indexed quickly in Google, so go to Google Search Console, inspect the URL of your block and do the request indexing, this will increase the chances of the article being indexed. and the earliest article is indexed.

If the main purpose of the article written by you is to get organic traffic from Google, then you must put a request for indexing, especially if your news or event related blog article.

Ping the URL

It is also considered a good practice to ping the address of the article.
By pinging, many websites send a signal to Google, due to which Google indexes our article as soon as possible.

Send push notifications

Web push notification must be installed in every block, it can be very useful for us in future.
If you have a lot of web push subscribers, then immediately after publishing the article, you should send that push notification, this will suddenly bring a lot of traffic to your article and if you are running adsense ads on blog then you will earn a lot.
It is not easy to get web push subscriber, it takes a lot of time but if we work with consistency then in no time we can get more than one thousand subscribers which will gradually bring traffic to us organically. And our authority will also increase.
On the internet you will find many web-push services who provide service for free, with this we can send RSS feed to the subscriber immediately so that automatically when we publish the article, they will get notification immediately and we no need to do it manually.

Social bookmarking

We can also get good traffic through social bookmarking, we get many free websites on the internet, from which we can bookmark any address.
To do social bookmarking, we just have to go to those platforms and create an account, after that we can easily bookmark any website or block article and access them again when needed.
With the help of many such high authority book marking websites, with the help of which we can also increase the authority of our blog or website, as well as this also gives us a good quality backlinks .

Short link and share to Platforms that not visible as referral source

You will not get to see this trick to get traffic on any website, so I thought I would share this trick with you.

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There are many social networks in which if we share the address of a website and the user comes to it, then direct traffic appears in Google Analytics due to which we may not get the referrer traffic, so I thought to share this trick with you. needed

For example, when we share our published article in Whats App and the user comes to it, then in Google Analytics we see direct traffic because Whats App does not send referral traffic.

Therefore, whenever you share your written article on such a platform, first of all share it by shortening its link, it will show that Shortner website in referral traffic.

Promote on social media platforms

It takes a lot of hard work and time for us to get organic traffic from search engine but we can easily get a lot of traffic from social media for this we need a right audience group and page.
There are many such social sites on the Internet which have millions of users.
Most of the users come to such websites just to waste their time or watch some interesting videos, articles.
We just have to find our users, in which location, in which group or on which page they will find us, after that we can easily share our article with them and bring thousands of traffic to our blog every day.
If you are not active on these social site platform then you are making a big mistake so go right now and create your account on all popular web sites. There by creating a related group page from your blog or website, start sharing articles in them.
Always keep in mind that images, videos and graphics grab the user’s attention easily. Compare to text or URL address.

Tap into other relevant networks

Some other networks such as Daily-hunt , Flip-board allow Users to share and bookmark article free. you can use these sources to get initial traffic.

Comment On other Blogs and Websites

I know comment on other blog or website not give do-follow backlinks but it can help you to a lot. The blog or website that have high authority index faster compared to other low authority Sites that’s why we can use those.
These don’t require any cost.

Send to email newsletter

If you have an email list of quality users, then you can take great advantage of them, from this you can get good traffic as well as good backlinks.
The response of web push notification is more if we compare with email list then user has to allow only once or twice to activate push notification but he thinks 10 times to give email in the same till he gets it. Our blog or website will not be trusted he will never give you email id but if he gave email id it means that he has started trusting your blog.
Some email scraper software and websites make this task easy for us but they make it a bit difficult for us to get the below Niche audience.
Is this website or software scrapes the email id from some social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and it is not illegal but it does not give us any special benefit.
If you are using any such source, then stop it immediately, this will make your profit less loss and your sent emails will go to the spam folder.
Start collecting email id from the very first day of starting block don’t forget it.

Share on groups

There are many such groups in every social platform in which thousands of audience is already there so that we can get good traffic, you just have to add to this group and share your article.
Try that if you are connected in a private group, what happens is that the risk of this spam is less, but if you will be connected in a public group and share your article, then it is very likely that someone else will copy your article. Will be published in the blog, along with this people can also increase the spam score of your blog.
In some groups, users are connected only for the number and neither they have good engagement nor response, so try to join the real group, which really works for you, not that thousands of people are connected in it but you will get traffic. not even getting 5-10.
These are all bot users.

Re-purpose to other format

Re-purpose your article in different formats such as PDF, Image, and Short Article.
With this you can share your article on other platforms and give the address of your article as a source.

Share to micro niche platform

You will also find many micro blogging platforms where we just have to share the address of our article.
Try to share some text and images along with the article.Along with this, also use hashtags.


Outreach with other bloggers will give you quality backlinks and good traffic.
In Blogger Outreach, You Can Recommend Articles Apart From This You Can Also Get Backlinks Through Broken Links.
If you mentioned some external links on article then outreach the owner and tell that you mentioned those Article in the Publish post so, most likely they will share it.

QnA Sites

We can also get good traffic from the question and answer website, for this we have to find the article related questions and answer them.
I have also realized that the answer will always be active on the website, it leads to a good channel on Google and also trusts our blog.
Bottom Line:
We already know that blogging is the best habit. But blogs success require traffic, engagement and performance. It’s almost unless if you don’t follow some things that I covered in this post. If you have any queries and suggestions please feel free to inform me by doing a valuable comment.
After following these strategies you will able to build larger networks and extend your content deeper into the Internet. If you haven’t bookmarked it yet, do it now..

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