The Font That Twitter Use For Its Text Messages on the Mobile Phone

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As far as fonts are concerned on Twitter is not so different from any other social networking site.

The fonts used for web content are very important and must be consistent if you want your brand to come across. Twitter uses the default platform font for its web application.

However, it makes good use of various fonts on its web/mobile version across several different devices.

What font does Twitter use

For visual appeal, you need to be careful about what kind of fonts you use. Not all of them can convey the right message.

Using wrong fonts and poor visual appeal can mess up the entire look of the social media marketing campaign. Also, make sure that your content is not distracting or non-relevant to the point.

For instance, having your Twitter background in serif typeface will not do much to increase your social media visual appeal.

What font does Twitter use for android applications? Again, this depends on what platform you are using your Android application on.

A lot of web developers go for Arial typeface or Helvetica to make their Android apps look more professional.

However, most people use sans-serif typeface or Helvetica for their Android applications since it is easily available and free of charge.

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So what does Twitter use for its new font? The new font is called Chirp. It is actually a typeface that has been around for quite some time.

It was actually inspired by vintage signs that were found in New York City during the 19th century.

Chirp is actually an old logo from the airline industry. That is probably why it was chosen to be included in the launch of the Twitter mobile application.

How do I download the font for my Android application? To download the fonts you need to find your application and open it. In Windows version simply go to settings and then select fonts.

In the iOS version, the application should appear in the main screen and you need to tap on it to open it. You will also find it in the app list once you tap on it.

Do I have to download both the arial and roboto font in my application? No, in fact you don’t have to do that.

This is because the twitter use their own fonts which are part of the system fonts. They are not separate fonts and you don’t have to download them separately.


how do I change my default text font to something different like chirp or Roboto? Simply tap on any word in your text box and choose any of the fonts mentioned above.

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Or you can also change the color of the text box by tapping on the color option. Then type in a new text box and select the desired color from the color options available in the system font browser.

If none of the fonts are set automatically, then you can easily add or change one of them by tapping on customize options and then tapping on the Helvetica Neue font.

So now you know what is the twitter font and how to access it in your android. The best way to learn more about fonts and where you can download them is to check out the web design community.

There are many free web design tools and sites where you can get information about fonts and download them for your iPhone or android mobile.

If you are wondering whether the twitter use the arial and/or roboto font, then you don’t have to worry.

This is because they are the default ones which are included as part of the system and as such you won’t be able to uninstall it from your android without also deleting your twitter account.

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