Technical SEO Vs On Page SEO Vs Off Page SEO – Which One Focuses More Upon Mobile Friendly Pages?

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Have you ever wonder if technical SEO can help to rank website?

If it is true, i suggest you run run away from any SEO agency that claim “technical seo” can rank your website overnight.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something related to the off page factors.

Technical SEO Vs On Page SEO Vs Off Page SEO - Which One Focuses More Upon Mobile Friendly Pages?

This includes links building, social media marketing and a lot of other things.

But not a single one of them touch at the moment on the on page SEO factors.

The on page SEO factor consist of basically three things: meta tags optimization , content optimization and URL optimization .

In my point of view even with all those efforts there still be room for improvement especially for new sites which target an specific keywords In this kind of case I would recommend a technical SEO audit.

What is this technical SEO audit all about?

Technical SEO audit will help to discover the website errors (HTML, CSS, JS), missing tags or broken links.

It can also assure that there are no security loopholes and everything is up to date & secure.

They should look for indexation/performance reports, internal site search issues and see if their client was hacked (security) in the past.

Let me show you what could be wrong with your website without doing an SEO audit :

The meta tags aren’t optimized: title , description , keywords .

The page load time is increased because of too many plugins installed – especially for portfolio sites An insecure WordPress installation which could lead to hacking Invalid URL problems – this problem also effect on user experience because a browser will show a 404 error.

The website is not well performing on mobile devices Internal links are broken or missing

In my opinion an SEO audit should be done every 3 months by an experienced SEO professional.

If your site is hacked, you can’t rank for anything as Google’s Penguin update was focused on penalizing hacked sites.

In this case you will need to do a full technical SEO audit and then reoptimize the link profile of your site , along with implementing a better security system which doesn’t compromise the user experience.

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To sum up: If you want to improve your rankings do a content marketing strategy, but if you wan t top rankings implement a technical SEO strategy after doing a content marketing one..

style="text-align: left">Why to use technical SEO ?

This is because good developers are good in coding, right? So they may write some excellent codes within the websites.

Unfortunately, this wonderful code will be invisible for search engine bots if it’s not rendered by web browser.

Therefore, robots need to find a way how to access them .

That’s why Google launched the Technical SEO which enables bots crawling these hidden elements.

Meta description tag support

The meta description tag should contain useful information about webpage content so that user will click on that link.

Robots should crawl and index this description accurately Setup correct URLs Spiders really don’t care about how your website looks, but they care a lot about the URL structure.

If you send them to a wrong place with various kinds of errors, it will hurt their crawling speed and indexation efficiency .

Make sure your URLs are clean from incorrect punctuation, spelling mistakes and double extensions Setup correct HTML structure Search engine bots use hidden elements called “HTML comments” to access contents which are not rendered by the browser.

This is why these contents will never be shown in SERPs if robots can’t find them .

You should make sure that these comments are rendered properly within the page source code Setup correct HTML headers Robots read HTTP headers (Eg: Content-Type) to understand what kind of content type is served on the other end.

So you should setup correct HTTP headers within your website to show which MIME type is served Setup correct file types Robots need to know which kind of content is served (Eg: HTML, Image, Video and etc) and how the browser has to handle them (Eg: PDF viewer , FLV player or Text Editor).

You should make sure these file extensions are categorized correctly Enable compression Compression reduces the network usage.

If you don’t use it, it will slow down your website loading speed… but even worse, it may hurt your rankings because Google loves fast websites

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…and many more

Of course there’s much more technical issues that I didn’t cover in this blog post.

In my point of view technical SEO is somehow underrated especially by newbies in the field.

I always say that even for those who don’t know what HTML tags are, has to learn how to do a simple HTML code insertion as well as understand why some sites rank above mine on search engine result page (SERP).

I decided to write an article on explaining more about “technical seo” and why popular websites choose NOT to use any CMS platform such as WordPress or Joomla.

Why? because these platforms carries a lot of issues which are not necessary for small sites.

These platforms are widely known to the SEO community because they are used by majority of websites around the world.

As search engine spam keep on increasing these platform will be used less and less in the future especially if the publishers don’t take any action on this matter.

For example lets consider a website that is using wordpress, there’s no doubt that this site contains wordpress tags in it’s source code, therefore carries a lot of issues that should be fixed before starting to work on optimizing its content .

Why to use on Page SEO ?

On page SEO is all about how your webpage contents are built and presented .

This is because search engine bots do not understand what kind of content they serve.

They just read the HTML source code and extract your valuable information from there.

If you don’t follow Google standards , it will be difficult for them to extract this valuable information .

To make the matter worse, if other websites copy your website contents and re-publish it with their own links, no one can find out that you are the original publisher of this webpage.

To prevent these duplicate contents from stealing your link juice , you should find a way to make unique contents that can’t be copied easily .

So what do I need to take care about?

First of all, you should setup <Title> and <Description> tags properly within your HTML source code.

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You should also fill out the “Alternate” tag (often called as “Link” tag) richly because it will show up in SERPs like this:

Don’t forget to set correct human readable content type (like text/html; charset=UTF-8 ). Furthermore, robots need to understand how they can crawl and follow your website’s internal links.

For example, if user follows internal link to another webpage with rel=next attribute , search engine bots may not crawl this page because it’s assumed that user follows the link manually.

These are just a few examples of what should be done within your on-page SEO strategy .

Why off Page SEO is important?

When someone searches for specific keywords using Google Search Engine, Google will show up many search results based on a query analysis algorithm called “Pagerank Algorithm” (Don’t ask me why people call it as “Page Rank Algorithm”).

This algorithm measures the website’s popularity (or authority) by measuring how many websites are linking to it.

If your site has high pagerank , it means that Google thinks highly of your website and they will rank it higher than other websites .

So you should find a way to build up links which can boost your website’s pagerank

Of course, building up backlinks is extremely hard for new websites because there aren’t any sites which already link to them.

So what experienced SEO specialists do in order to get ranked fast is called “Link building” where they purposefully try to promote their own web pages by placing these pages in directories or submitting these pages into search engines using different kind of techniques .

As a matter of fact, Google doesn’t like SEO specialists using these techniques because it looks like “Black hat SEO” (I’ll explain about this technique later).

So what do I need to take care about?

Technical SEO vs On Page SEO vs Off Page – Which One Focuses More Upon Mobile Friendly Pages?

There are many SEO strategies, not to forget but ranking in search engines is still one of the major tasks for webmasters.

Since Google started to use “mobile-friendly” as a factor that affects page rankings, developers and website owners began thinking about how they could improve the mobile interface of their pages.

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Thus, this article will provide an answer to the question which factors play what role in today’s competitive world of digital marketing.

The order in which you should prioritize your work depends on multiple factors such as: URL structure , content length , loading speed , proximity between keywords in the text etc…

But in most cases it seems like Technical SEO leads the rank. Technical SEO refers to all factors that affect crawling, indexing and ranking of your website .

First of all, please don’t spam.

Spamming is an attempt to manipulate search engine result pages or build up backlinks by adding unrelated keywords within your resource box .

For example:

Title: Best price for Viagra pillsssss!

Description: 100% REAL & GENUINE Viagra Pills ! Click here for more details !

This is the worst type of spam ever and you should avoid doing this at any cost.

Instead, just try to add your valuable content that user can use and improve search indexing value over time.

If you are selling some products, please provide relevant product images.

Search engine bots are not able to crawl image links properly when they are present inside TEXT format.

So if you want to include images in your articles , make sure to wrap them with <img> tags.

Also don’t forget to set up ALT attributes for every image which you embed into your webpage because search engine bots can’t scan these images directly .

Instead, they will just read this attribute and show it within SERPs like this:

ALT text also shows up when user watches your website within Google Video Search Engine result pages (which is currently available only for US).

All you need to do is upload video file using YouTube uploader , their video manager page, embed code snippet to your webpage, call Google guide line services for help, etc…

And make sure that you use descriptive ALT attribute values.

For example: <img src=”yourpicture.jpg” alt=”My great product picture” /> .

The reason why it’s important is because search engine bots will read this attribute and show it within search results like this:

I think that I’m done talking about “on page SEO”.

Oh wait… I almost forgot – Don’t forget to always create unique title tags and meta description tags which contain what user searched for.

If you don’t do this, Google can remove your website from SERPs or even worse – put your website into sandbox (a place where spam websites are placed) forever.

I’ll talk about sandboxing in details later because it’s a very serious matter which you have to look after.

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