TeamViewer Review 2022: Details, Pricing,Security & Features

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TeamViewer allows you to connect anytime, anywhere. The company provides remote access, support, monitoring and secure collaboration for all types of online endpoints. By innovating sophisticated yet easy-to-implement augmented reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the company helps businesses of all sizes unlock their digital potential..

TeamViewer Review 2022: Details, Pricing,Security & Features
TeamViewer is active on over 2 billion devices. At the same time, 45 million devices are connected to the Internet. Founded in Goeppingen in 2005, the company has more than 800 offices in Europe, America, Asia and the Pacific.
It also offers a simple, easy-to-use account for non-commercial use, and the user interface is one of the most beautiful and modern remote access software tested. Obviously, this isn’t the kind of program you want your friends and family to install on the devices they ask for help.
We recommend that you use it for business purposes instead.
TeamViewer is designed for security-conscious business users and shares editor choices with most of the GoToMyPC.
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How TeamViewer Works

TeamViewer offers a variety of downloads that allow you to access your computer remotely, and they all do the same thing. You can choose one according to your needs. Each Teamviewer installation has a unique identification number assigned to this computer.

Updating or installing TeamViewer will not change anything. This is the identification number that you share with other TeamViewer users to log in to your computer.
The full version of TeamViewer is completely free. If you have a PC for continuous remote access, you must install it. You can log in even if you are not there. This is also called unattended access. You can easily access it from a remote computer by logging into your TeamViewer account.
You can use TeamViewer QuickSupport. This version of Teamviewer is portable, so you can quickly set it up and immediately get your ID number and share it with others. If you are helping friends and family, the easiest solution is to install QuickSupport. Once enabled, the shared identification number and password will be displayed.
You can use the full version or the QuickSupport version of the software to connect to the QuickSupport computer. Both can be connected remotely.
Therefore, you can have a solid connection when installing the portable version. To easily access your computer when you are away, just set an administrator password in Teamviewer that will not change. When you are done, simply log in to your account using a browser, mobile device or computer with TeamViewer installed.

Features :

Below are some features that help you to know what teamviewer can do.
  • Screen sharing.
  • File transfer.
  • Instant messaging.
  • Access to idle/shutdown computers.
  • Remote session via Internet.
  • Start remote control from mobile device.
  • Remote management of servers and workstations.
  • Centralized management panel.
  • Session log Multi-platform remote control.
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Edition Pricing Details Terms
Remote Access $24.90 1 user, 3 computers
Business $50.90 1 user, up to 200 managed devices
Premium $102.90 50 users, up to 300 managed devices
Corporate $206.90 200 users, up to 500 managed devices
Source : trustradius

Pros And Cons Of TeamViewer

Comprehensive feature set. Expensive.
Multi-level security. Some options are difficult to find.
Elegantly designed viewing window. Security features can be annoying.
Multi-monitor support. Can not be used for free in commercial settings.
Completely free to use. Might stop working if it thinks you’re using it for commercial reasons.
Combines remote access and online meetings in one app. The “permanent” ID number might change unexpectedly.
Free version for non-commercial use.
Supports chat (text, video, and voice over IP).
Remote printing is allowed.
Supports Wake-on-LAN (WOL).
No port forwarding configurations are necessary.
Spontaneous support.
Works with multiple monitors.
Can start and join meetings.
Portable version is available so no install is required.
Can control a remote computer through the desktop program, a mobile device, or an Internet browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

where are teamviewer recordings stored

The session is first saved to a temporary folder (not my “session recording directory”, it is located at C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalTempTeamViewerVersion9) and when the teamviewer session is closed (in other words, everyone Remotely connected users log out) The entire recording is saved in your “Session Recording Directory”.

Is Teamviewer safe to use?

Yes, all versions of TeamViewer use full encryption. Encryption is based on RSA 4096-bit private/public key exchange and AES 256-bit session encryption. It uses the same https/SSL security and is considered completely secure by current standards. Key Exchange also fully encrypts data transfer between clients, preventing intermediate routers or servers (including routers) from reading or parsing the data stream. Data security and security is always our top priority.

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TeamViewer has had security issues in the past. In 2016, external password leaks occurred, user accounts were misused, and bank and PayPal accounts were emptied. In 2017, a vulnerability was discovered that could allow a hacker to capture a user’s device in a desktop session. Fortunately, the developers immediately fixed the vulnerability. That’s why it’s so important to configure TeamViewer correctly. Take all possible precautions to stay safe.

can teamviewer turn on a computer

TeamViewer allows you to control your computer offline via Wake-on-LAN. For example, you can remotely control an offline computer by waking it from sleep mode before connecting.

can teamviewer be used to spy on employees

Yes,TeamViewer Can use to spy on employees,Family Members and Children. But, one Think don’t forget TeamViewer cannot monitor devices without authorization.
Notifies that the device is being used remotely.

are teamviewer servers down

You can go check team-viewer server working properly or not.

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