Start a waste business just in 10 thousand and earn 1 lakh per month know how

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If you want to start your own business for more income, but do not have much amount, then you can easily do business with less investment.
Start a waste business just in 10 thousand and earn 1 lakh per month know how Today we are telling you about such a business idea which you can start by investing only 10 to 15 thousand rupees and earn 80 thousand to 1 lakh rupees every month.

This is the business of waste material (How do I start a waste business?).

Yes! You can start a business from home scraps.

So let’s know how big is its market and how to start it?

Know how big is the junk business

Worldwide, more than 2 billion tonnes of waste material is generated every year.

In India this figure is more than 277 million tonnes.

Managing such a huge amount of waste is the most difficult task, although in the last few years many initiatives have been started regarding waste management.

Many people make things like home decor items, jewelry, paintings from the waste material Along with dealing with this challenge, they are also earning well.

Be it the young man Shubham Kumar of Ranchi or Shikha Sah of Banaras.

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These people have made their future through the business of junk and today they are doing business in lakhs.

Learn how to start this business?

To start this, first of all, collect the waste material around you and your homes i.e.


If you want, you can take the waste from the Municipal Corporation.

You can also pick up goods from the junkers.

Many customers also provide waste material and can also buy from them.

After that clean it.

Work on designing and coloring it.

For example, you can make a bamboo toothbrush.

Its price on Amazon is around Rs 70.

Apart from this, cups, wooden crafts, kettles, glasses, combs and other home decoration items can be prepared.

Finally the marketing work begins.

It can be sold on e-commerce company Amazon and Flipkart.

You can sell it on both online and offline platforms.

Shubham is earning 10 lakhs a year

Shubham, who runs The startup, says that initially he started collecting junk from door to door with a rickshaw, an auto and three people.

Today, the turnover of the month in this company has reached eight to ten lakh rupees.

Shubham says that 40 to 50 tonnes of junk are raised in a month.

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This company was started two years ago with four people.

Today 28 people have got employment in this company.

what do you do with the junk

According to Shubham the junk is sent for recycling.

Iron, paper, cardboard, plastic are sent to different factories and recycled and made usable again.

Shikha started her business from home.

Shikha has set up a company by making unique items from waste material.

Shikha’s company name is Scrapshala.

She says we started business in 15 thousand.

We collect waste from the municipal corporation.

Shikha says that we clean, design and color the junk and then sell it in the market with a new design.

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