Start this business with less money, you will become the owner of more than 1 crore in a year, will earn in lakhs every month!

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There are many people who are more interested in business than job and why not.

The Corona period has doubled the importance of business.

If in such a situation you are also planning to start a new business, then it is important to have complete information about it first.

Start this business with less money, you will become the owner of more than 1 crore in a year, will earn in lakhs every month!We are giving you complete information about such a special business, by starting which you can earn 4000 rupees per day.

That is, lakhs of rupees per month.

This business is for making banana chips.

Banana chips are good for health.

Along with this, people also eat these chips in fasting.

Banana chips are more in vogue than potato chips, due to which these chips are also sold in large quantities.

The market size of banana chips is small, due to which big branded companies do not make banana chips.

And this is the reason that the business of making banana chips has a better scope.

So let’s see how you can start this business…

Ingredients needed to make Banana Chips:

Various types of machinery are used for making banana chips and mainly raw bananas, salt, edible oil and other spices are used as raw materials.

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The list of some of the major machinery and equipment is as follows.

>> Banana Washing Tank & Banana Peeling Machine
>> Banana slicing machine
>> Crumb Frying Machine
>> spice milling machine
>> Pouch Printing Machine
>> Laboratory Equipment

Where to buy this machine:

To start banana business, you can buy this machine from or

To keep this machine you need at least 4000-5000 sq.

fit will be needed instead.

You will get this machine from 28 thousand to 50 thousand.

Cost of making 50 kg chips:

To make 50 kg chips, at least 120 kg raw bananas will be required.

You will get 120 kg raw bananas for about 1000 rupees.

Along with this 12 to 15 liters of oil will be required.

15 liters of oil will cost Rs 1050 on the basis of Rs 70.

Chips fryer machine consumes 10 to 11 liters of diesel in 1 hour.

1 liter diesel costs 11 liters at 80 rupees, which will cost 900 rupees.

Maximum of Rs 150 for salt and spices.

So 50 kg chips will be ready for Rs 3200.

Means a packet of chips of one fort will cost Rs 70 including packing cost.

Which you can easily sell online or at grocery stores for 90-100 rupees per kg.

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Will be able to earn profit of 1 lakh rupees:

If we also think of a profit of 10 rupees on 1 kg, then you can easily earn 4000 rupees a day.

That is, if your company works for 25 days in a month, then you can earn 1 lakh rupees in a month.

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