Start homemade products online business earn 2 lakh monthly know how check process

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If you do not have a job or do not want to do a job.

If there is a plan to turn towards business, then we are telling you today about such a business by which you can become a millionaire in a short time.

The most important thing is that you can start it from your home and it does not require much investment i.e.less money can also be started.

Start homemade products online business earn 2 lakh monthly know how check process
This business is – Homemade products business (Homemade products online).

That is, the work of making sauce, jam, stone groundnut butter, spreader.

So let’s know how to start it for profit in lakhs, what is the process-

Learn how to start

Mumbai-based Rohan Sonalkar and his wife Ruchira Sonalkar have been running a homemade online startup for the past two years.

He started this business with 50 thousand and today his earnings have reached 2 lakhs.

According to the couple, to start this business, first you prepare homemade essential items such as strawberry, honey mustard, chili and peanut butter, jam products.

Check out its recipe and make it sitting at home.

All the work from production to packaging can be done at home.

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You can use social media for marketing.

Take orders at functions and small parties near you.

If once people like this product of your hand, then the demand will increase immediately.

Earnings will be more during the festive season.

Raw material can be purchased from farmers and self-help groups.

After that do a quality test of it.

50 thousand will cost

If you want, you can register the company in your name.

If you open a company in your name, then it will cost you 20 to 25 thousand rupees to get a license.

The remaining 20 to 25 thousand rupees will be spent in raw material and packing.

You can easily start this business with a total of 50 thousand.

can also take training

It is necessary to take training for work at the professional level, for this there are many institutes.

If you want, you can do food processing course and do training from Dehradun.

What to do for success?

According to Ruchira Sonalkar, market research is very important before starting any business.

Different locations may have different requirements.

Therefore, first you have to find out that where you live or where you want to start a business, what is there, whose demand is there.

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After this, take special care of the product and quality.

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