Start a business profitable more than a job, invest 5 lakh rupees once and earn 70000 rupees every month

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There are many such businesses in the country, which can be started in low cost and earn more profit.

One of them is the business of Dairy Products.

Dairy products are such that are encountered in everyday use.

There is a possibility of negligible damage in this.

With an investment of only 5 lakh rupees in the business of dairy products, up to 70 thousand rupees can be earned every month.

The central government is also helping to start this business.

If you also want to start this business, then do complete planning first.

Let us tell you how this business can be started.

Start a business profitable more than a job, invest 5 lakh rupees once and earn 70000 rupees every month

Loan will be available under Mudra loan scheme

To start any business, first of all money is needed.

There is no need to panic for this, capital can be easily arranged with the Prime Minister Mudra Loan Scheme of the Modi government.

For this business, the government gives you complete information about the project with money so that you can start the business comfortably.

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Loan will get 70% of the total investment

When you start the business of dairy products, then 70 percent of the total cost from the government’s Mudra loan will be available from the bank.

Will have to invest Rs 5 lakh himself

According to the project profile, the project of this business can be prepared up to Rs 16 lakh 50 thousand.

In this, the person will have to invest only 5 lakh rupees himself.

project will be like this

If seen according to the project of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, then 75 thousand liters of flavored milk can be traded in this business in a year.

Apart from this, 36 thousand liters of curd, 90 thousand liters of butter and 4500 kg of ghee can also be made and sold.

Accordingly, there will be a turnover of about 82 lakh 50 thousand rupees.

In which there will be a costing of about Rs 74 lakhs, while even after withdrawing 14 percent interest, you can save about 8 lakhs.

How much space will be required to start a business

1000 square feet of space will be required to start this business.

In which 500 square feet space will be required for processing area, 150 square feet for refrigeration room, 150 square feet washing area, 100 square feet for office, toilet and other facilities.

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