Speed Post Charges Calculator International and Domestic [per kg]

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Do you already know about Speed Post charges in India? Do you know how to calculate Speed post charges for international and domestic? don’t worry about it, Today, I am going to share full information on the Speed Post charges calculator and a list for international (foreign) and domestic in India.

Check here speed post charges per kg.

What are Speed Post Charges?

I think, you already know that the Speed Post is the premium service of the Department of Post (India Post).

There are many post offices are working under the postal department in India.

Post offices are situated in cities as well as villages.

These post offices are divided into various subcategories like HO (Head Post Office), SO (Sub Post Office) BO (Branch Post Office).

All the above post office categories books speed post article including speed post parcel.

The department of Post has already fixed rate for booking of speed post article in the post offices.

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These charges are called Speed Post Charges.

It varies on the basis of the distance between the delivery place and booking place.

The rates also depend on the weight of the speed post article (document & Parcel).

It is categorized into two types.

One is domestic speed post charges and the second one is international speed post charges.

Domestic Speed Post Charges in India

When a speed post article is booked for delivery in India only.

These charges are paid by customers in post offices called domestic speed post charges.

Example. Speed Post booked at Delhi post office for delivery in Chennai.

Charges collection are known as domestic charges for speed post.

International Speed Post Charges

When a speed post article is booked for delivery out of India to any other country.

The charges collected in post offices are called International speed post charges.

Example– Speed post article booked at Jaipur post office for delivery in the USA.

How to calculate Speed Post Charges from Speed Post Charges Calculator?

Friends, do you hear about the Speed Post charges calculator? It is a calculator that calculates the rate/charges of any speed post article on the basis of its weight and distance for where speed post article delivers.

Speed Post Charges Calculator– Click here to use the Speed Post Charges Calculator
speed post charges calculator in india

If you want to calculate charges for speed post article then you have to follow the below procedure.

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It is totally free for use.

  • First of all, visit the speed post charges calculator from here.
  • Select type of service.

    It means whether domestic or international

speed post charges calculator in india
  • Enter booking address pin code and delivery address pin code.
  • Now you have to select ‘article type’ from the dropdown button of ‘select an item’.
  • You have to select ‘letter/document’ for speed post.
speed post charges calculator in india
  • Now enter the actual weight of the speed post article and click on get available services.
  • Now select Speed Post and click on get price button.
speed post charges calculator in india
  • Speed post Calculator will show speed post charge for your speed post article including GST.
speed post charges calculator in india

Domestic Speed Post Charges list including service tax

Generally, the minimum speed post charges is Rs. 41.00/- including service tax for domestic in 2022.

If a speed post article booked for the same city then speed post charges is Rs. 18.00/- including service tax.

Both speed post charges which are explained in the above para are minimum charges.

It varies on the basis of the weight of article and distance from booking city to delivery city.

Just use the speed post calculator to get actual charges for your speed post.

Speed Post Charge per Kg

Tariff structure of Speed Post charges per Kg

​​​ Speed
Post Weight​


​Up to 200

201 to 1000

1001 to
2000 Kms.​

​​​​ Above
2000 Kms.

​Up to 50

INR 15​

​INR 35

​INR 35

INR 35​

​INR 35

51 grams to
200 grams

INR 25​

​INR 35

​INR 40

​INR 60

​INR 70

​201 grams
to 500 grams

​INR 30

​INR 50

​INR 60

​INR 80

INR 90

500 grams or part thereof

​INR 10

​INR 15

​INR 30

INR 40​

INR 50

* Tariff is exclusive
of taxes as notified by Central Government from time to time.
* Proof of Delivery charges is INR 10.00 per SP article in addition to Speed
Post charges.

International Speed Post charges List

India post also allows sending speed post articles to foreign countries including the USA.

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You can send speed post articles from India to any country.

Domestic and international speed post charges are high.

You have to pay more money to send speed post articles internationally.

It also varies from country to country.

You have to check international speed post charges by using speed post charges calculator.

Here, I am going to share some screenshots which help you to check charges with calculator for any country.

speed post charges international


speed post charges international

I think now you can check speed post charges for domestic and international speed post.

A step-by-step process is already mentioned here.

Just follow the above procedure and calculate speed post charge for your article.

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