Should You Buy Backlinks For SEO ?

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One of the most common questions I get asked is whether people should be buying backlinks for SEO.

The short answer to this question is ‘yes’, but, as with most things in life, nothing is ever quite that simple.

For those of you who are not aware, a link can have two meanings on the internet.

it can either be an actual link pointing from one website to another or it can be a vote cast by a search engine for that website.

The latter meaning has come about because links are used as one of the key ways to rank websites in Google’s search results — hence links are votes.

Should You Buy Backlinks For SEO ?

If you want your site to appear high up in Google’s rankings then you need more votes than sites ranked lower down, so the question of whether to buy backlinks for SEO comes about.

Search engines (including Google and Yahoo) use thousands and thousands of factors when determining where a website should rank in their search results, links being just one factor.

However, links are the single most important factor that Google uses to determine where a site should come in its rankings because it is based on other people’s opinions of your site — not opinions from the search engine itself.

This is why getting other websites to link back to you can be so beneficial for your ranking in search engines like Google and Bing.

It shows that real people think you have a decent website and deserves to be ranked higher than sites with less votes or no votes at all.

When starting out small and redeveloping an old site, you can expect to see good results by getting only a few dozen backlinks from quality websites.

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But once your rankings are high enough, the number of votes you get will slowly start increasing as well — which is great news!

I guess some people might be asking why they should go out and buy links instead of creating them naturally.

The answer to that question is simple: because it’s basically impossible to create truly natural links these days without using risky tactics like link baiting or profile-based linking (matrix sites).

Buying backlinks actually carries very little risk when done correctly, especially if you use one of the simplest methods available for buying backlinks — article marketing.

style="text-align: left">To successfully implement this tactic, there are a few basic steps you should follow:

1. Perform a detailed and thorough keyword analysis (which we covered in detail in our post on how to properly pick your keywords ).

This will enable you to target specific phrases that have a high search volume, but are also easy enough for other people to naturally rank for — this is very important.

If the phrase has low competition or not many backlinks then it might be better just targeting a different phrase.

2. Write an article containing one of your selected keywords within the title and SEO title tag, while avoiding stuffing the page with hundreds of variations of the same keyword.

You want to get a good balance between natural-looking and having a readability score so that Google doesn’t think you are trying to game the system.

3. Create backlinks for your article(s) by submitting them to directory sites that don’t require approval (e.g. Yahoo Directory).

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There is absolutely no point using an approval based directory because they will just delete articles without leaving any links — which isn’t what we’re after here, remember?

No-approval directories are also more likely to pass link juice than their approval counterparts.

4. Submit your article to some high quality article directories like ezinearticles or goarticles.

These directories provide the most exposure and the best chance of ranking in Google’s search results for long tail phrases related to your niche.

It may not be easy getting your articles indexed in Google using this method, but it is still the only technique that has produced consistent and reliable results over the years.

Compared to other methods that we’ve tried (and failed with), we find article marketing to be by far the simplest and most cost-effective solution for buying backlinks — and what’s more, your articles actually end up ranking for many different keywords not just one!

Since the early days of SEO, buying backlinks has been a controversial topic.

The industry is still in its infancy and the credibility of “white hat” versus “black hat” tactics can be a grey area.

Over time, many webmasters have turned to going the more ‘underground’ route when it comes to generating traffic through their website — black hat SEO techniques.

These are usually seen as ways to trick search engines into thinking that your site deserves a high ranking or to simply spam links across the Internet for increased visibility on Google’s front page.

While these strategies work well for gaining top rankings quickly, they may not last long term and will certainly put your site at risk if detected by Google’s spam fighters.

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One of the most controversial methods is buying backlinks.

This method has both its pros and cons, but the question still remains – should you buy them?

The Pros of Buying Backlinks

Buying backlinks offers many benefits that cannot be overlooked. One of the biggest advantages to using this strategy is that it can boost your rankings in a very short amount of time — sometimes even over night.

In addition, there are no risks involved with getting caught by Google’s spam fighters because you are not actually doing anything wrong.

You simply pay for a service from another website owner who already has great results from their own campaigns and want to share their success with you.

Also, buying backlinks can help improve your brand awareness by increasing your link popularity which will show off your website to new visitors.

Another advantage is that you can buy links from various websites, not just the big name search engines.

This means that you have a chance of getting your site listed on different web pages, which will give you more chances of being found through Google searches or local SEO.

The Cons of Buying Backlinks

Since there are several benefits of buying backlinks, it may sound like an easy solution to help increase traffic and rankings — but let’s consider the cons before deciding whether this option is right for you.

First off, there are many people who violate Google’s Terms of Service by selling links with hidden text or no ‘nofollow’ tag attached to them.

This can leave your site wide open to spam attacks, so you will have to learn how to spot the quality links when searching for providers.

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When you are looking for a company to buy backlinks from, make sure they are reputable and ask for reviews or testimonials.

This way, you can get in touch with people who have used their services before in order to hear what type of results they’ve gotten with them.

Then it will be easier to determine whether these people are offering high Quality backlinks or just low-quality spammy ones.

Another negative aspect of buying backlinks is that many webmasters tend to avoid linking outwards — mainly because there is no benefit for them since they are not getting traffic nor customers from doing so themselves.

This means that they do not want to link out to your site, and instead will likely provide a link with anchor text that is generic or irrelevant — such as “click here.”

With this method, you could be paying for backlinks but not receiving the type of keywords that would help your site rank higher.

If you choose to pay for links with anchors that don’t match anything related to what your business offers, then it may actually hurt your rankings since Google does not like spammy tactics at all.

So when buying backlinks, make sure they are Quality and targeted so you won’t get in trouble and can see increased traffic and trust from new visitors!

While there are many benefits to buying backlinks , there are also some cons which webmasters should consider before making any decisions. If you are confident that you can find reputable webmasters who offer the best services, then this may be a great method to try out.

But if you are still unsure about using this strategy for promoting your website, then another way to gain more targeted traffic and boost your visibility online is through article marketing .

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