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Kailani rips his frog during Camp Seville 2021.

Archery shooting completed during Camp Saville 2021

During Camp Saville 2021, Connor learns about printmaking from Ms. MJ.

Artwork and various creations created by college students from Camp Saville 2021’s “Artistic Genius” and “Pinterest Influenced” lessons.

James and the Large Frog during Camp Saville 2021.

Nathaniel shares his “Grey Water and Plant Development” science venture throughout Camp Saville 2021.

Karaoke: Stop singing.

Maya and friends during Camp Saville 2021.

Musical Theater—The musical “This Is Me” through Camp Saville 2021.

Luke enjoys a breakfast feast at House One in Camp Saville 2021.

Completion of a working claw robot meeting at Camp Saville 2021.

A “whodunit?.

Working with a partner to work against the law throughout Camp Saville 2021 using the Order of Operations.

Egg Lab – Measure the circumference of an egg by soaking it in vinegar for a day.

Science at Camp Saville 2021.

Untitled theme park design from Camp Saville 2021.

Cattrell showcases his tie-dye creation throughout Camp Saville 2021.

Disney Workshop – “Tangled” meets Auntie SpongeBob and Spyker from “James and the Large Peach”.

(Think of Rapunzel in the chair) Camp Saville 202

The students were able to use a precise pizza oven because of Mr. Stanford.

Camp Saville 2021.

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finished product.

Mr. Stanford is a pizza expert.

Camp Seville Baking, 2021.

Artwork and various creations created by college students from Camp Saville 2021’s “Artistic Genius” and “Pinterest Influenced” lessons.

Dominic to inspect graphs and excerpts using Skittles throughout Camp Saville 2021.

Improvements in bridge construction and labor construction work are in progress during Camp Saville 2021.

Avian Camp Saville is working with her partner in forensic science on a pickup autopsy in 2021.

College students enjoy kickball during Camp Savile 2021.

A satisfied frog cupcake is just a fabulous creation at the baking class at Camp Savile 2021.

Izaiya, Luke and Dalton play a game of badminton during Camp Savile 2021.

Skittles Fractions classes throughout Camp Saville 2021.

Serenity slices watermelon to go with their beloved waffles prepared at House One at Camp Savile 2021.

Skittles Fraction exercise throughout Camp Saville 2021.

College students enter the door of creativity during Camp Saville 2021.

During Camp Saville 2021, college students hone their softball abilities under the watchful eye of Coach Stanford.

Skittles Fraction exercise throughout Camp Saville 2021.

Nathan participates in a Harry Potter themed Minute to Win It sport.

Annalise was working hard on her Skittles fraction practice in Mr. Estes’ class.

He’s undoubtedly focused on consuming these Skittles

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Tiffany Camp Saville is able to eat watermelon in 2021 through House EC.

Birdies take flight at a badminton game during Camp Savile 2021.

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